Is it excusing negative\abusive behaviour

This is the place to post whatever questions you have related to the teachings of Eckhart Tolle. The rest of us will do whatever we can to help you achieve a better understanding :)
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Re: Is it excusing negative\abusive behaviour

Post by rachMiel » Mon May 08, 2017 2:00 pm

painBody wrote:there is, ultimately, nothing to forgive, because nothing is "right" or "wrong" ... it's all just part of the dance of phenomena.
Ja! And every-(apparent)-thing -- self, other, world -- is in that dance. Big dance floor!
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily ...

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Re: Is it excusing negative\abusive behaviour

Post by Beingabeing » Mon May 08, 2017 7:40 pm

It's been lovely talking with you too. It's not often I would seek advice on a forum but I'm so glad I did.
I know exactly what you mean about toxic relationships. When I have been in a toxic relationship I have removed myself, I was one of those people that seemed to attract toxic relationships too, so there was a few.
Then last year I did the hardest thing and cut ties with my oldest friend because I saw that it wasn't a friendship at all. That was sad.
My mother is another one I have distanced from, after years of being trapped by her obsessive control over me. For most of my life I was surrounded by negative toxic relationships and had no one to turn to. It wasn't until I left it all behind for my own sanity, that I was able to turn around and be an outsider looking in, then I could see it all for what it truly was.
It's like the ripples on the surface of the pond of life come and fade away, never disturbing the underlying peace deep down.
I love this analogy :)

I will take a look at the introductions forum! Look forward to any future conversations and thank you again for your wonderfullying insightful comments :D

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