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Is distaste for the Fact based consciousness a good sign

Posted: Mon Oct 02, 2017 5:04 pm
by jtightlips21
For myself, I know that facts are impersonal and neutral. With facts, I have noticed that they really dont give one care about what we do or do not want. I have also noticed that in what I call the laws of the ego is that A) Everything is relative to power and B) Competition or dualism is necessary. For myself, I find that I am not willing to compromise my ideals because the facts wont permit something, or is logically infeasible. Plus, I hate all ethic systems that in anyway say might makes right(Which I see as an an ethics accommodating power) such as security, fear, practicality, obedience or authoritarianism. I have known that many people have tried to make the presumption that right makes might to overcome the dualism.

On the other hand, I cannot help but wonder if instead of identifying with the intellect, I become too identified with the will, or the emotions. I find its the will that would rather fight a losing battle if its for something they believe in rather than change to the winning side if they dont believe in it. Another thing for myself is my hatred of the serenity prayer, and my tendency to see it as an arbitrary standard of action. My whole philosophy would be to work to change what needs changing and to not fix what isnt broken, even if it is impossible. I get fed up with fear based religion, and its rules whose only legitimacy is that an unchallenged power will send one to hell if they dont obey.

So I guess the question is whether this is a sign of enlightenment, or just overidentification with the will. I know the will is trans-rational, but seems to be more emotional(particularly angry and nostalgic).