Living in outside world

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Living in outside world

Post by Weivy » Wed Nov 29, 2017 8:05 pm

I'm writing from Poland and I have several questions that I wish to understand.
I'm introducing more and more consciousness to my life, watching everything what's happening inside and outside of me. And the less I'm using thinking, the more peaceful and stable I am. I'm less attached to outer world and more focused on myself.
To the point. I realised (not by using mind) that anything what belongs to the outer world can not make me happy. I'm happy inside of me, naturally. But besides food and normal things that are necessary to live, I really don't know what else I need from this world. I mean, what I do want to do in this world. And if I'm asking that, is that a question coming from my ego or from 'me'? If I want to go to the gym to exercise my body, is that a desire coming from ego, or from anything or anybody else inside of me? Of course I don't need to think about that, I am able to disable my mind, I mean to be an observer, not following my thoughts but watching everything as it is. But after all we are living in this outer world. How to discover what do I want from this life or what does life wants from me? Do we live in outer world using our ego? If I want to become a president, who really wants that? Ego? Me? Or maybe I'm defining it wrong? I like playing computer games. Who likes that in reality? When I'm meditating, I consciously know what thoughts I'm identifying with and cause suffer but I can't understand, what pushes me to playing these games. I have a problem with distinction what comes from my Source and what comes from my ego. Maybe everything what makes us feel happy is also an illusion? How to combine the consciousness and the ego in the outer world?
I wrote a lot of questions to make the thread clear. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. Also english is not my native language, sorry for mistakes.
Thank you for every possible answer.


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Re: Living in outside world

Post by eputkonen » Mon Dec 04, 2017 3:47 am

Hi Weivy,

Based on what you said, you seem to perhaps not realized that what we are is happiness (nothing makes us happy) and perhaps not seen through the "me" because you talk about suffering and identifications still occurs. These realizations would answer these questions...and the question of "is it ego or source" would not arise.

Putting that aside, I will focus on the question of living in the outside world and hope this analogy/pointer might help...
Instead of doing things in live because of some lack or need...and so having a goal/purpose and working at it -- perhaps you could imagine doing things simply for the joy of it. Life becomes play. Say you want to become a president...that could be a fun game to play...a joy to play and perhaps bring joy to others through doing the job then you take steps and act in such a way you might get elected as president. However, if you are not elected (you lose the game - so to speak) was still fun (a joy to play...the journey, not the destination) and perhaps you do something else instead. You do not feel the loss in suffering or feeling diminished (identification)...instead you appreciate having the opportunity to play at all. The Source is known as the Self in Advaita Vedanta. Let me say that whatever you want to do is exactly what the Self wants to you. The Source and ego are not different...or two separate things.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you want me to clarify anything.

~ Eric Putkonen
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