Slightly Confused

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Slightly Confused

Post by SamiT » Wed Nov 28, 2018 11:36 am

Just found this and as I am new here can someone please explain: ... ng-as-ego/


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Re: Slightly Confused

Post by kiki » Wed Nov 28, 2018 4:09 pm

The ego is not a substantial entity in its own right, it's only an appearance in the thinking process that masquerades as a separate you that has become identified with and attached to by the mind. In other words, one can remove the mask of the ego by seeing through and dropping the stories that have been playing in the mind.

Without those stories there IS no ego. Stories that are used to define you and differentiate you from everyone and everything else create this idea of separation and individuality. It is this mental dynamic that keeps the ego up front in one's awareness. Beneath that dynamic is the ever present consciousness that is your true nature and which the ego sense arises within.

One must see this directly, and to do that one must actually try to find ego. Outside of every story in the mind where is ego to be found? Look for yourself and see if you can find this supposed "me" that ego implies. Notice what notices "the stories of me" that weave themselves together to create an impression that is believed to be real.

People's "impression" of a separate ego is rarely challenged, but the assumption that the ego/me is real must be examined in order to find what's actually real and what isn't. Only that which is always present can be the authentic you. If ego is an actual entity it should be easy enough to locate, so see if you can find it. Awakening is the journey of discovering what is always present and what simply comes and goes, and then consciously abiding in/as that always present reality.
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Re: Slightly Confused

Post by Sighclone » Mon Dec 03, 2018 6:34 pm

Welcome SamiT!

Peter Russell is such a kind person. Personalities "survive" awakening, and so also does the sense of a "separate inside self." A fine video of him from a recent SAND conference is here: He has spoken on stage with Eckhart.

And kiki is right on when he mentions consciously abiding as the always present reality. Because, unconsciously, habits (autopilot impulses), preferences, self-protective reflexes, irrational fears, and various "egoic" stories will surface and contract us out of Presence...and into the narrow defensive "separate inside self" we tend to call "me." Adyashanti was the first to remind us that ego should be a verb, in Emptiness Dancing in 2004. And Peter is right to recall that all those "patterns" hang around and can hijack us, even after we have awakened. But transcending the battleground created by ego-ing can also become habitual...perhaps more 'vigilance' is useful at first. Russell says:
When I observe my own mind, I notice there is an ever-present sense of “I-ness”. This has been there all my life, and has not changed. The feeling of being “me” is the same feeling I had when I was ten years old.
This is very honest of him. And, of course it is true of all of us. If we did not have a sense of being separate and unique (i.e. not anybody else, just me) we would be insane. One key is our reaction when that "me" feels attacked. That reflex is worth examining...

I have a couple of minor egoic disappointments in my professional/financial life that I used to club myself with. They are definitely "first world" problems. And they continued to open the "wound of unworthiness." (that's Adya's phrase). But they have much less energy now...less Velcro. I even find them amusing. The flow of egoing is a contracting vortex. The flow of Presence is expansive.

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