Obsessing/being hyperaware of body sensations

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Obsessing/being hyperaware of body sensations

Post by Placebo » Thu Apr 16, 2020 6:44 am

Hey guys. I tend to obsess about all the discomforts, pain, and tingling in my body. Now if I try not to obsess it just makes me obsess more. (Since that is resistance)

So I've basically just been letting my mind do whatever it wants. If it obsesses about something for a while, I just let it and it eventually loses momentum and stops.

I'm guessing that I'm doing the correct thing then right?

My mind has already lost a lot of momentum lately but it does still do some obsessing. But I'm thinking that this will be temporary as long as I just keep making sure that im not trying to control the mind in any way.

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Re: Obsessing/being hyperaware of body sensations

Post by Webwanderer » Thu Apr 16, 2020 7:39 pm

The mind is certainly hard to control. We all have a lifetime of thoughts, memories, and experience tucked away in the depths of our minds that tend to arise in consciousness rather spontaneously. I'm not sure how much direct control we have of this arising. What is more effective than playing whack-a-mole with thoughts arising is to work with our focus of attention.

Whenever possible be, or become, present. Mindfulness, be here now, the power of now, presence awareness. There are lots of terms for conscious in the moment clarity. This 'precious present' is where our focus of attention works in our own best interest. Maybe the best relationship we can develop with all those pesky arising thoughts that distract our focus of attention, is one of the art of 'indifference'. Thoughts arise, you recognize them, and you let them go without further consideration. Feel indifference about them and choose presence instead.

Make this a daily practice, and like strengthening and conditioning any muscle through exercise that creates 'muscle memory', the muscle of mind will also strengthen with the exercise of focusing in the present moment. Over time is will become the 'go to' state rather than playing all those thought games.


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