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everyone is enlightened except me

Post by weichen » Wed Jul 11, 2007 2:39 am

In the TV series Louis & Clark (superman), the chief editor was constantly bullying a subordinate (his name was probably Jimmy). One day, Jimmy rebelled. Much to the shock of Jimmy, the chief editor said something like "good for you boy". So the past bullying from the chief editor was out of love, to help Jimmy grow up.

"There is mainstream collective egoic madness" is a mind perception, it could weight heavily on me if I carry this story around.

Since I am carrying some story with me anyway, I might as well pick a story that is good for me. I would like to carry a different percpetion of the world: in this world, there is only one person me, the rest are angels playing a role (Or everyone is enlightened except me). Everyone's obnoxious egoic madness was there for one single purpose: help me grow to the next level. The funny thing is that this story force me to look for the silver lining, and if I look hard enough, I always find them.

The above is a mind approach to a mind problem, so if it does not work, you can always go into total stillness, which will always work :D

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