Poems and writings

This is the place to post whatever questions you have related to the teachings of Eckhart Tolle. The rest of us will do whatever we can to help you achieve a better understanding :)
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Poems and writings

Post by Egoicmidget » Fri Dec 09, 2005 2:55 am

I invite all members to post writing or poems of your experiences with
PON and ET related thoughts that emerge from your own inner space.

Here's one I posted in another thread to start things off.

Immersed in silent wonder I tread towards the opening-
the doorway and the void beyond it calls me forth.

The trickling timeless nothing below the tattered noise of
years of wandering.
Finally the beckoning occurs and I answer from
this still and timeless place, and I realize I am home.
I am peace.


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Post by be-lank » Fri Dec 09, 2005 9:31 pm

God’s Little Drop

Once there was a little Drop of ocean water. And the little Drop was perched on a rock that faced the great ocean. And this little Drop pondered the ocean, until it finally asked, “What Is the Ocean?”
But there was no reply, just the sound of waves lapping on the shore.

The little Drop asked again and again. All day it asked, which for a little drop of water is a long time. Until finally the little Drop stopped asking. It just sat before the ocean, being very still. The little Drop watched the white foam of the waves and listened to the sound they made. And then, just as the sun was setting, there came a soft roar from the Ocean.

“I Am You.” It said.

This surprised the little Drop, who had forgotten its question altogether, and almost slid off the rock! But when it finally cleared its wet head, it looked at the Ocean.
“This cannot be.” The little Drop declared. “I am just a drop and very small. You are endless water, and so very big!”

The Ocean looked at the little Drop.
This made the little Drop feel self-conscious.
“What are you looking at?” The little Drop asked, somewhat defensively.
“I am looking at myself.” The Ocean answered.

“I don’t understand.” The little Drop plopped.
“Come closer.” The Ocean gently waved.
The little Drop dripped a little closer.

“You think you are but a drop of water. But what you are made of is my Self, the Ocean itself.” The Ocean surged.

“But what IS the ocean? I only want to know what you are.” The little Drop explained.
“Come closer, and you’ll know.” Replied the Ocean.

But the little Drop shook its soggy head “no”.
“I don’t dare.” The little Drop said, now afraid. “If I come any closer, I’ll lose myself. And I don’t want to lose myself.”

“I see.” The great Ocean swayed. “And who would you be losing?”

This irritated the little Drop.
“I would be losing myself! I have been places, done things. I have a history! I am me. And there’s only one like me.”

“One what?” The Ocean asked.
“One Drop. I am my own drop.” The little Drop proudly stated.
The Ocean said nothing. It was deep and still.

“Why can’t you just tell me who you are?” The little Drop splished.

“I can. But you still would not know.” The Ocean said. “I can tell you how dolphins swim within me, and how they laugh together, and how they jump up and down, and what a joy they are, but you still wouldn’t know this. You would only have an idea, or a picture of this. And I have so much life within me, and I am life itself, but you can only know who I am by entering me, by allowing me to enter you.”

“But that would mean I’d have to die.” The little Drop gurgled.

The Ocean then spoke in silence. It was a silence that was filled with Life.

The little Drop shuffled its cold feet. It was very unsure. It knew that eventually it would dry up. That it was just a matter of time. And maybe it could only know what the ocean was while it was still a drop. But there were good things about being a single drop. And the little Drop had spent a whole life being who it was. Still, there was something compelling in what the Ocean said.

Oh, the little Drop did not know what to do! It wished it had never asked that question! And now it was even beginning to taste salty!

“I don’t like this!” The little Drop splashed. “This has gotten out of hand. It is too much. It’s too complicated. You are just too big. You scare me. You ask for too much. I can’t give it. I won’t give it. Leave me alone!” And the little Drop dripped down the side of the rock, spilling some of itself along the way. And there it hid in the shadows.

A full day passed, which for a little drop of water is a long time. The drop was much smaller now, and not as convinced. It was not as full of itself. It was not as sure of anything anymore, and it was lonely.
And it wasn’t thinking about things as much as it once was. Things did not seem as important as they use to be. More and more the very little Drop kept turning towards the Ocean’s voice, which now seemed to be a part of itself. And more and more the very little Drop wanted to know about this part of itself. For it knew now that there was more to life, more to itself, than being a drop.

The very little Drop slid down a few inches on the base of the rock. It now faced the ocean in the fading sunlight, which cast a glow of pure grace over the great body of merging water. The very little Drop had never seen anything as beautiful. It was as if it had never seen anything at all.

“Ocean.” It murmured. “I want to know who I am.”
And the Ocean greeted the very little Drop with open, frothy waves.
“Come closer.” The Ocean whispered.

But the very little Drop could move no further. “Please, come and get me.” It spoke softly, in a tone of surrender.

And the Ocean’s waves wrapped themselves around the very little Drop, and the Drop dissolved into the Ocean, and it was now the Ocean itself. It knew who it was. It knew all the life within it and knew that it was life itself. It knew that it was all the little drops of water everywhere. It was full of peace and joy and wonderment. And for one brief moment, it wondered why it had waited so long to be who it really was.

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