why do anything?

This is the place to post whatever questions you have related to the teachings of Eckhart Tolle. The rest of us will do whatever we can to help you achieve a better understanding :)
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Post by heidi » Sat Aug 11, 2007 6:28 pm

Leap and the net will appear. :)

(old zen saying)
wonderment on the third wave

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Post by astaroth » Tue Sep 11, 2007 9:51 am

hi sharon-x!

first of all: my english isn't perfect. i'm from germany. hello hello :)
on your question, there are already some very good answers, i think. maybe you already have your own answer and this is probably the best one. every human being is different so you got to find the answer in your own words.
it's always good to hear the same things expressed in different ways so maybe one of these is closer to your own style of answer you try to find. hope i could say what i tried to ;)

human is, when enlightened, the connection between the material and the unmaterial universe. but don't forget you are part of both worlds and you are that in every moment. you do act in materiel universe in every moment because you're a part of it. being aware only means to know yourself as not a prisoner of the material word.

you ask: why do anything? it's not possible to do nothing. even doing nothing is still doing something. not to act in this moment is your decision in this moment how to act physically. but you can make another decision if you want to. and why not? this is all material stuff, just don't forget.

you can't do anything (and you're always doing something) without a thought or a inner decision to do it that was before the acting. sometimes you are conscious of it, sometimes not. when you eat something there was a feeling of hunger and the inner decision to go to the kitchen. this is all material. thoughts are material.
you are in this world a material being. and as that, you have to act like one. just don't make your identity of it. when you know that you can do whatever you want but you already perfect in the state you are right now, there is something deeply easy in the way you are acting materially.

and one more question you should ask yourself: the ego - what usual people call their identiy has always something set and unflexible because you think of yourself as something. unenlightened people for example say: i'm a lovely person but sometimes acting arrogantly or something. it's the big road they decide to go (not aware of it) and usually they can't leave it. this thinking of yourself as something is a mask you are carrying throughout your life.

when you get connected to the spiritual dimension your acting in the material world doesn't stop. that's impossible. don't make the spiritual stuff your new identiy. then you think of yourself as something, for you maybe: i'm an enlightened person so i will do nothing because this is all ego stuff. you just changed your mask. but there's no problem about it. it's your fate - and what could fit better to you than it? maybe it's been necessary or helpful to see through this "this is all an illusion"-mask but after some time you maybe should leave it behind.

not everything in this material world is ego stuff. everything is mind.

write a song coming of a feeling deep and beautiful from your state of what you are. be happy about the wonderful things you can do in this world but don't get addicted to it. you know what i mean? ;) i think so

would like to hear what others are saying about my thoughts (<<-- i think, you should never be too sure to have found the right answer)

lovely greez, astaroth

p.s. this is my first posting! best wishes to all of you! ;)
...you might remember me from such educational films as "Zen for couch-potatoes - The wisdom of never doing anything" or "Buddha from da hood - Was he a brother?"

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Post by eseward » Tue Sep 11, 2007 3:47 pm

Welcome, astaroth. :)

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Post by eyogateacher » Tue Sep 11, 2007 6:36 pm

Dear Sharon


Based on your writings I feel that your current lack of interest in your regular day to day activities is probably due to your spiritual awakening where you feel that all your old habits . ambitions , actions are not relevant in the long run and that they look illusory .In classical terms you have started to look at everything as "Maya" ( i.e illusory ) .This happens with everyone when they are spiritually awakened .
Being a yoga teacher myself I would suggest that you involve in practice of yoga / tai chi / qi gong so that you feel more integrated and know how to be involved in the world but yet be detached .In my own case Yoga helped me a lot in stabilizing my spiritual awakening and gave me the clarity and strength to be with the world and yet be detached.Try it yourself and you will see the results for yourself .

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Post by goatboy » Wed Sep 12, 2007 2:32 pm

here is what eckhart says

When the inner transformation happened many years ago, one could
almost say a balance was lost. It was so fulfilling and so blissful simply
to be that I lost all interest in doing or interacting. For quite a few
years, I got lost in Being. I had almost relinquished doing
completely—just enough to keep myself alive and even that was miraculous.
I had totally lost interest in the future. And then gradually a balance
re-established itself. It didn't re-establish itself fully until I started
writing the book. The way I feel now is that there is a balance in my life
between being alone and interacting with people, between Being and doing,
whereas before, the doing was relinquished and there was only Being.
Blissful, profound, beautiful—but from an external viewpoint, many people
thought that I had become unbalanced or had gone mad. Some people thought
I was crazy to have let go of all the worldly things I had "achieved."
They didn't understand that I didn't want or need any of that anymore.
So the balance now is between aloneness and meeting with people. And
that's good. I'm quite attentive to that so that the balance doesn't get
lost. There is now a pull toward increasing doing. People want me to talk
here and talk there—there are constant demands. I know that I need to be
attentive now, so that the balance is not lost, and I don't get lost in
doing. I don't think it would ever happen, but it requires a certain
amount of vigilance.
What would it mean to get lost in doing?
Theoretically, it would mean that I would continuously travel, teach, and
interact with people. Perhaps if that happened, at some point the flow,
the stillness, might not be there. I don't know; it may always be there.
Or physical exhaustion may set in. But I feel now that I need to return to
the pure stillness periodically. And then, when the teaching happens, just
allow it to arise out of the stillness. So the teaching and stillness are
very closely connected. The teaching arises out of the stillness. But when
I'm alone, there's only the stillness, and that is my favorite place.

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Post by BrahmanEternal » Wed Sep 12, 2007 10:23 pm

heidi wrote:
I think sharon-x has just started on her wonderful spiritual journey to disidentify from this little me (mind and body).
I agree. And there is this whole deal in the medical industry to keep the body alive, and the brain well oiled, at all costs. I don't buy that. So, when some may look at a willingness to die as depression, some also look at it as the dark night of the soul that often is the springboard to great spiritual awakening.

Examples: Tolle on the park bench for a couple of years. Byron Katie in the loony bin. Wayne Dyer and David Hawkins falling down drunk alcoholics. What some would call depression and see it as a disease that needs to be fixed can also be seen as "symptoms" of the beginning of the end of the misery and suffering of the ego/mind.
FWIW - Beautifully said.

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Post by Titania » Fri Oct 05, 2007 7:28 am

As I was reading through what Sharon was writing, I sometimes smiled and sometimes felt a little sad. I am going through a similar experience. However, I havent let myself go like you Sharon, but I am finding that I cannot talk with people properly, that is have a normal conversation, as I see everyones illusions so clearly, I am at a point where I am trying to find out what my path is in life, and slowly I am finding what that is.

I believe that for you...your music can bring great joy to people if you do music from the heart, not the mind.

For me, I work with the body and it is a very ego dominated area, but if I work with my heart there are areas I can tap into where I can make some changes and open other peoples heart.

Music and movement can both be amazing forms of awareness that can lift the spirit and make people feel joy.

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Post by Dongle » Fri Oct 05, 2007 3:29 pm

I have a little experience in this, you write a little like I can remember feeling. It is called, in psychology, anhedonia, and is similar to apathy. It is a complete lack of enjoyment of anything, particularly what you might have enjoyed in the past, it seems to be a state of dispassion, but in reality it is 'not caring' rather than not minding.

It is an interesting place to be, not unpleasant, IMO this is the most subtle egoic state I have ever experienced, the most difficult to recognize. I recognize it in the not caring/not minding feeling, when I don't care the depressive egoic patterns are working their way back in.

The inner body is my way of resolving this state, the experience this intense experience wakes me up in short order, and I enjoy again.

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Post by Sandis » Sun Oct 07, 2007 6:27 pm

What helps me is:

Things that I do or have dont give me joy but I bring joy to what I do or have...it's simple...not wanting could be translated into that will not bring me joy...I know that simple thing are the ones that dont bring joy...ruteen things...I put joy into evrithing and it works...|I dont wait on enything to bring me joy or happines...

I'm not a famous musician but I do play piano...and when I do it...I bring joy into my music regardles on what comes out...

Sharon ...what ever you do enjoy it...I mean bring joy and happynes not wait for it...thats wy you loved beeing on stage becouse you brought joy and happyness in that doing not ather way around...
I see you bud...I finaly see you!!!

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