what is and what should be

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what is and what should be

Post by redindira » Fri Oct 12, 2007 7:35 pm

Need some light on this in simple (eckhart tolle) language-
We are trained,educated, drilled to change "what is" into "what should be",the ideal, and that takes time.That whole movement of thought to cover the space between "what is" and "what should be"-but the observer is the observed, therefore there is nothing to change, there is only "what is".The observer doesn't know what to do with "what is",therefore he tries various methods to change "what is",controls "what is",tries to suppress "what is". But the observer is the observed: the "what is" is the observer. Anger, jealousy, are also the observer, there isn't jealousy separate from the observer -both are one.When there is no movement as thought in time to change "what is",when thought perceives that there is no possibility of changing "what is",then that which is -"what is" ceases entirely, because the observer is observed.
From J.Krishnamurti's "This Light on Oneself" -True Meditation


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Post by kiki » Fri Oct 12, 2007 10:40 pm

As much as I like Krishnamurti he can often be too clever with words; it's no wonder hardly anyone ever woke up in from reading him or listening to him. He himself lamented that people just don't "get it" - perhaps his style of teaching has something to do with it. It may be better to let go of him entirely - ET keeps things very clear and understandable.

Keep it simple: without the interpreter/mind there is just "what is". Without the ego "what is" will be enough. With the ego "what is" is never quite satisfying and so it resists it and tries to turn it into what it thinks or prefers it should be, and that's the root of our suffering.

Forget Krishnamurti's confusing description of observer vs. observed. Remain present to what is - everything else that enters the mind is interpretation and inevitably leads to confusion or distraction from presence. Just stay present.

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