What is emotion?

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What is emotion?

Postby blueviceroy » Sat Oct 13, 2007 10:00 pm

Is emotion a construct of the mind or is it beyond mind?
"I" feel an emotion of joy and love when I recognize myself within myself but I dont feel quite the same when I see other objects physicality
I feel a powerful love like I do for me within me when I am near my wife or my son and some other (most) people I spend time with
That seems very real and seems constant although this is only a few mental days ( about 4 ) of my new/old awareness it seems to vary in intensity, Does that ever become the current and constant state of emotion if we achieve a truly deep residence in ourselves?
The other emotions that are not love are not real because they are so destructive , I'm certain that anything that is not love is as valuble as any other thing in my thoughts that is self concieved
Are all our emotions other than love just a perversion of love? It seems our mind has a way to twist everything with its reason to fit what some strange driveof the mind body has built as a means to live on auto pilot while it pursues its own agenda.
Does our supreme nature truly seek to learn from these experiences or is it just having an experience?
I assume as I grow to live in my self more fully I will understand more but I feel such a hunger for knowledge of myself I feel that patients has always been my weak suit but gaining knowledge and pursuing the divine is all I desire
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