Question on Conscience

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Question on Conscience

Post by tikey » Sat Nov 17, 2007 1:47 pm

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Hey peopels

I have some strange sensation because I think a lot and Im a bit fragile and sense all of the stuff. And what came to me sometimes was that when im
in deep contact with my conscience then all thought are gone, becose the mind is not sane, and conscience IS so they can't exist together - we have to chose
one of them (of course if we choose conscience then we can consciously use our mind, and not be used BY it) am I correct or not?
Im just a cloudless sky :)

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Re: Question on Conscience

Post by blueviceroy » Sun Nov 18, 2007 12:46 am

The mind is a proccess , nothing more than that , it exists so we can identify information and we store information in the brain , the mind is not aware of anything , it does not comprehend awareness and when we use our mind as if it were consious we feel "insane"

We are not a proccess.

The emotions are used to tell us when something in the world is not done with LOVE as a motive , these perception of wrongness or alieness is acurate as our true nature is comprised of love.

Negative emotions tell the mind change is needed , the mind identifies the facts , if we allow the mind to continue and make judgments about the facts then it begins to tell a story because the mind is incapable of performing outside of it's function, and thus we feel "insane" yet again .

Our consiousness/awareness is the place where judgments are made in congruence with our true nature , it directs the mind to perform actions .Then we feel "sane". Consiousness does not operate with thought it is simply aware of things as they are without thought.

Use of emotions or thoughts as guides to ways of behaving is akin to allowing preschoolers to drive themselves to school and expecting nothing bad to happen , Thats "insane"

They are only tools used to give us information . Listening to them as if they have any concept whatsoever with what to do with the information is "insane"

Listen to source within you , if you must have an internall debate or rationalize what you do, you are only decieving yourself and you are not operating from source , you ar e not acting in away that is your best interests.

Hope that helps :D

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