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Re: Help stop my shakes

Posted: Wed Mar 12, 2008 5:53 pm
by BrahmanEternal
Roflmao. Nobody hugged me though, my ego feeling neglected, but well ok i hug myself the

.... wrapps arms around himself.

Re: Help stop my shakes

Posted: Thu Mar 13, 2008 1:32 am
by Intel
Brahman you aren't really the eternal are you? You're just a scared little boy trying to play in a mans world.

*Brahman runs crying into the arms of Intel

"There there Brahman, there is nothing to be afraid of, Intel is here now". :D

Re: Help stop my shakes

Posted: Thu Mar 13, 2008 4:55 pm
by BrahmanEternal
:)) Thats what you get for a display of emotion. :)
Intel maybe i was a bit harsh with you, sorry man, but really your view of yourself and other people
seems very nagative. You should empty your head of false belief systems, labels and interpretations then your life
will have a completely new look to it.
Once you realize that "big boys" is just a label.... there are no big boys, just masks and interpretations of reallity,
seduction works this way very well i managed to make many girls fall in love with me and then dumped them,
its just a mind game out there, have you ever heard saying "its all in your head" it really is more true then people think it is. :)

Re: Help stop my shakes

Posted: Fri Mar 14, 2008 3:21 am
by Intel
Thanks Brahman. But can I ask, how did you get women to fall in love with you? A few weeks back didn't you post a thread about your troubled love life? How did you turn it around? I'm very interested. (((Hugs))) :D

Re: Help stop my shakes

Posted: Fri Mar 14, 2008 7:18 am
by BrahmanEternal
You love to make things up again, it was not 2 weeks ago but 6 months ago.
I dont see point of your lying games, may i ask how old are you, that would sure explain a lot of things.

Re: Help stop my shakes

Posted: Fri Mar 14, 2008 12:06 pm
by Intel
Brahman I didn't say '2' weeks, I said a few weeks, by which I meant months. Not 6 months however, I possibly checked out the thread a little later than everyone else. I didn't mean to offend or make a personal attack at you.

I simply wanted to know how you turned things around. My own love life isn't great, so if you can turn yours around, then maybe I can. I would love some tips. Maybe I should have taken my earlier post to PM but I just wanted to clear things up here.

Friends? :)

Re: Help stop my shakes

Posted: Fri Mar 14, 2008 5:32 pm
by BrahmanEternal
Intel, first you make me sound like a liar then you wanna be friends, make up your mind.
Then we can talk, message me on pvt. :)

Re: Help stop my shakes

Posted: Fri Mar 14, 2008 10:28 pm
by D'ray
Intel wrote:I was wondering if someone could help me with my physical reactions. Today I was speaking to a few people who were strangers to me, and I had very bad physical reactions. My body was shaking uncontrollable, I bit my lip till it bled trying to stop the shaking. I had no reason to feel anxious, they were all nice people, and before I spoke I was quite comfortable. But as soon as all the attention was on me, this physical reaction came out of nowhere.

It makes me feel very embarrassed and damages my confidence, especially when inside I see no reason to feel anxious. Its like my body was taking over and I lost control of it. Whenever i\'m alone or with friends this never happens, or in places with large groups of people. It doesn\'t even happen when I speak to a stranger, but if I sense that a lot of attention is on me for any particular reason, this physical reaction always comes up. I do my best to observe it, but it doesn\'t end. Its hard to interact with other people and be seen as normal when this pointless nonsense occurs.

Would somebody offer me some advice please?
Is it easier to feel and act this way than to give your true personality on the line and to be freely judged by other people?

Re: Help stop my shakes

Posted: Sun Mar 16, 2008 12:24 am
by Intel
I have no idea what a \'true personality\' is, but in my personally I experience physical reactions to situations my mind doesn\'t enjoy. I simply want to know how to lower my physical reactions so I can get on with life more smoothly.

Nobody wants to make friends with the guy thats always trembling.

Re: Help stop my shakes

Posted: Sun Mar 16, 2008 3:11 am
by Onceler
Propranolol .

Re: Help stop my shakes

Posted: Sun Mar 16, 2008 9:18 pm
by grant
"You can only find out by going deep within and asking yourself questions. Is it fear? fear of what? and why is that? etc. etc. Focus your awareness inside and see what comes."
I'm puzzeled by this statement. If your asking yourself q your gonna perpetuate the situation. I had some "terrible things happen when younger. I spent years depressed, "trying" to work out why. I offer you a simple choice. Practice being in the now. Observing. Not judging. Not having conversations in the head. It's called practising for a reason. You are surrounded by unconscious insane people.( Hope you understand that bit). You don't need to fight. You can choose. Just practice. The more you become one with nature. Things will start to make sense. Maybe :wink:

Re: Help stop my shakes

Posted: Sun Mar 16, 2008 10:42 pm
by Agnieszka
I've very often experienced quite violent physical reactions when in the presence of other people. It wasn't trembling but rather feeling of rapid movements inside, stinging, burning, biting, on my skin, face, etc. Some of them might be noticeable, some probably not. When I came to realize that others might notice what's going on with (in) me, I immediately started to sweat allover :D, stutter etc. Terrible.
After reading ET's books, in such situations I "dived" inside my body right away and the symptoms decreased and, eventually, stopped.
Go inside and see for yourself the senselessness, absurdity of your bodily reactions. If you are very tense at the moment and think it's impossible to feel your inner body - help yourself with one or two deep breaths. Go inside, SEE and laugh.
You may also play out such situations during your meditation and practise going inside before meeting people in "real" life. I do it with all "my" fears and it always works.
wish you luck and perseverance :)

Be Curious about the shaking

Posted: Wed Mar 19, 2008 12:35 pm
by weichen
Maybe this would solve the shaking once and for all.

I believe that hidden behind ALL neurological (psychological) 'disorders' is intelligence of life. I also believe that once you understand the message brought to you by the messenger called 'shaking', and take actions on the message, then the messenger 'shaking' will leave.

You have not told us anything about when the messenger 'shaking' arrived in your world, but let me guess and you can tell us whether that is true or not (if you feel comfortable)

Once upon a time, intel was a happy boy. He had a plan for material success (money, sex, power, contribution to humanity etc). Later, there are some quite disturbing events suggesting that his plan may have serious flaws. At a subconscious level, he had two realizations: his old plan is by far not the best to use his total potential even if his goals can be achieved, and that the plan is likely to fail to achieve his goals. However, also at a subconscious level, he rejected these two realizations, and kept on liivng his life with the old plan.

Then new events start to happen in his life, turning his world up side down. He can not bury his head inside the sand any longer. He confronted his old view of life (meaning of life, life strategy), but could not find another alternative even though it is now clear that the old system is broken. So he goes about his daily living knowing that he does not have an overall life plan.

At this time, the messenger called 'shaking' arrived. It brought intel this following message: 'what is the point of moving ahead if you don't know whether you are moving in the right direction?' This messenger shaking simply disrupts whatever Intel is doing (public speaking, eating, sleeping, exercising etc). It disrupts public speaking most because the spot light is on him, and he has nowhere to hide.

Shaking contains raw intelligence of life, it is a step forward, because Intel can no longer pretend his old life plan is valid. If shaking goes away without intel establish a new life plan, then it would be a step backward. In that sense, 'Shaking' will not go away. That is why spiritual teacher says: despair is only one step away from enlightenment.

What is the solution then? What is the blind spot inside Intel's mind that prevents him from making a new life plan?

Intel, I am assuming that you are, like me, a guy. (if you are a lady, then I will rewrite this paragraph in a different way).

A guy often takes a lady's external appearance seriously, so he trys to date attractive lady and marry attractive lady. One blind spot is that he does not know that he can have a very very intimate relationship with the world's most attractive lady whenever he wants. He may not be able to have sex with her, but he can be more intimate with her. He can BE her. He can feel her joy of shrinking waist size and her pride when she looks self in front of mirror. He can feel her desire and anxiousness about being a wife and a mother (and grandmother)....

Not knowing such profound joy exists is (one of) the blind spot.

That is only one blind spot inside a large blind area. Other blind spots are: Just as he can BE the most attractive lady and enjoy that intimate relationship with the lady, he can also BE a not so externally attractive lady, and still deeply enjoy the intimate relationship with that lady. That means 'external looks' of a lady does not matter much anymore to him.

It is a whole new world there waiting to be discovered.

Re: Help stop my shakes

Posted: Sat Mar 22, 2008 6:30 pm
by Intel
Hi Weichen,

I guess the shakes happen because I've received a lot of negative feedback from other people in the past, so when i'm around other people my mind doesn't want to be attacked by the same negative judgements again and tenses up. And shaking occurs. I've been doing meditation since tuesday which has helped me a lot. The shaking hasn't vanished but i'm getting there.

Yes i'm a guy, but i'm not quite sure what you meant by the lady example. Would you please explain it more easily. Thank you for your input and concern. :)

Re: Help stop my shakes

Posted: Wed May 21, 2008 3:38 am
by garuda

Try placing your complete undivided attention and deep sincere interest in the person you are talking with and listening very carefully to what they are saying with genuine concern and interest for them. If done with genuine intention, the focus will likely shift from yourself to the other person; and maybe the emotional self-concern will dissolve and the symptoms will dissipate. This has worked for me many times in the past when I have felt anxiety in situations which didn’t merit nervousness. When teaching a class (part-time motorcycle instructor), I found that when I put my genuine concern and focus into helping the student learn a skill rather than being self-concerned with how well I was doing or how skilled I appeared to the student — then the anxiety and nervousness symptoms evaporate.

If that doesn’t work, perhaps there is an old unresolved issue from the past that needs some attention and understanding. Sometimes buried issues can get triggered by similar here-and-now interactions with people who inadvertently recreate that past situation in your memory — which back then created fear or shame or emotional distress for you.

Or it may be as simple as diluting the concentration of your cappuccino. :D