Psychadelic Drugs and Enlightenment

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Re: Psychadelic Drugs and Enlightenment

Post by DWBH1953 » Sat Feb 07, 2009 4:56 am

doug wrote:"DMT, The Spirit Molecule" by Strassman may be of interest to you.

DMT is present in our brains and many, many natural sources, some of which possess high content and used to extract the compound from in a fairly simple process. The "how to" is available on the Internet as well as the plants to extract it from which are not illegal (but the DMT is of course).

The effects of DMT, mushrooms, LSD, are similar, conciousness expanding, and safe providing the appropriate preps. These medicines, compounds, sacraments or whatever we choose to call them can and do provide life experiences that are usually association with epiphanies, mystical, religious, life changing, etc.

The time duration you describe would be from smoking DMT extract. Ingesting it lasts much longer as it is combined with other natural compounds such as in ayahuasca, the brew used safely by South Americans in religious ceremonies for centuries.

It's a fascinating topic but the experiences are even more so.
Very interesting thread. the man to ask but now is dead would be Terrrace McKenna, he wrote the book about all of this. I have used LSD, Shrooms, DMT, ayahuasca which by itself does nothing it has to be combined with a plant that has DMT in it to work and by far
ayahuasca journey is not something you can say was joyful. DMT can easly be extracted from red canary grass that grows wild. I do agree with the other posters here in some areas and others not. When your speaking about this class of drugs the experience really depends on who is guiding you through. If you have a spiritual guide it can be amazing, if you just do it to see what happens you really dilute what your experience will be.
Plus there is always a danger some people brains are not wired at all for this and they will have a bad trip. I never had a bad trip and I do not use drugs now but they can open a door of perception for you but at the end of the day I doubt they will really help your progress much. The other main problem is and has been already mentioned these drugs do overload your senses , they enchance the sense so much that it is very hard to find your center so anything you think you might gain is easly lost in a sec or so.
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Re: Psychadelic Drugs and Enlightenment

Post by Tanapat » Sun May 24, 2009 9:39 am

A friend of mine asked his spiritual teacher about taking acid. The teacher replied that acid is like crashing the party. Much better to be invited.

Of course, such mind-expanding drugs have been used throughout history by some cultures in their religious practices to induce spiritual/mystical experiences, and I think there's little doubt that they can indeed induce such experiences. Aldous Huxley's "The Doors of Perception" is a fascinating read in this regard. But I would not recommend using any drug to induce spiritual experiences if only because there's a better way. The side effects are also a big problem with many drugs. I've had some eye-opening experiences on certain drugs in the past, and I can see how they can be helpful in giving you that first glimpse that what you take to be 'reality' is not all there is. That can give you a big kick out of blindly accepting the worldview your culture has taught you. But a pure, drug-free path is definitely preferable in the long run. I remember what Eckhart said on the Oprah webcast. In the early years after his spiritual transformation, upon telling people about the experience, so many remarked that they'd had similar experiences on acid that Eckhart decided to try it. He did, and described it as almost a 'violent' experience, the assault on the senses was so strong. Though similar in some ways, this violent aspect contrasted sharply with the gentle, loving, natural experience of his transformation.

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Re: Psychadelic Drugs and Enlightenment

Post by Tony-S-Ma » Sun May 24, 2009 12:20 pm

Drugs temporarily block some channels of egoic manifestation; therefore, the users get some high off it. Afterward, the ego comes back with a vengeance. Addiction often takes place including prescription drugs.

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Re: Psychadelic Drugs and Enlightenment

Post by OnthePath » Sun May 24, 2009 4:35 pm

Sighclone wrote:Welcome to the forum, jugu. During Eckhart's first webcast with Oprah, he calmly announced that he had taken LSD after awakening. He said it was a violent attack on the brain and did not enhance his experience.
Namaste, Andy
Hi Sighclone,

How strange that ET tried LSD after awakening! I thought after awakening, one is no longer seeking any state :?

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Re: Psychadelic Drugs and Enlightenment

Post by Tony-S-Ma » Sun May 24, 2009 7:06 pm

I thought after awakening, one is no longer seeking any state
Is awakening vegetating? I expect that those who claim to have been awakened is as normal as another person I meet on the street who usually does not look at me in my eyes for more than a second. Perhaps they just like stand on a soap box like me.

Is meditating the same as vegetating? Is experimenting no different from doing? If one is not driven by one's ego after awakening, what drives him/her? The Self? Can The Self take some LSD through ET.

I am sure glade that when my belly is full, the Self's ethereal belly attached to me is no longer empty. When I take care of my needs, I am helping the Self :D

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