Does becoming ego-less have socially negative effects?

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Re: Does becoming ego-less have socially negative effects?

Post by DWBH1953 » Mon Feb 09, 2009 5:41 am

Sighclone wrote:I think each person's final shift is different. I believe the end result, the "place that you get/don't get to," the emptiness dancing, the self-realization, the pure Brahmin bliss, the yada yada... feels the same for everyone who is there. And I believe there are an infinite number of ways of tossing out word-pointers to describe it. And I know I have read at least 400 of them. And I believe is is possible to read 10,000 of them and not be one bit closer to the personal experience.

But we pound away anyway, particularly when it's 5 degrees outside. :)

PS - we're good with all this, Randji - thanks again for joining!

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Do not meditate-be!
Do not think that you are-be!
Do not think about being-you are!
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