Reading with Disinterest

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Re: Reading with Disinterest

Post by sikor » Wed Apr 08, 2009 7:11 pm

it's procrastination. it's really your ego that feels like it's your duty to read, and programs you to read it. but unconsciously, your ego treats it as something that will make you tired, like work, like something you don't really want to do and it's where all procrastination in the world comes from. now there are 2 ways to get out. one is trick the ego: think of something you like doing, you long to do, you think about doing this before you start. i don't know, computer, tv, book that you got fascinated by and can't way till the next time you can read it. and try to feel this way about reading forum, or doing whatever you want to do but you procrastinate. the other method is get enlightened and procrastination won''t be an issue anymore, you just will do what you really want, not things you think you should do but deeply you don;t want to do this.

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