Changing careers due to Tolle's influence?

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Re: Changing careers due to Tolle's influence?

Post by student2u » Sun Jun 07, 2009 9:38 pm

Hi titu,

Thanks for your response. I feel I have dropped the negativity but maybe new negative has arisen (my “friend” is kind of mad at me)…

Yes, I need always practice “Oneness”…
“Its hard to get a job with preconceived notions of expectations and expectations in every colleague... including ones own ego's. And to contribute to the corporate world and belong to any plastic society is what is hard and forcing about such jobs which disturbs the mind.”
This is very helpful reminder so thank you again!

Yes, it’s a great pointer: “Stop wanting change and create more space”…

Hi HermitLoon – that’s a great answer (“All of them…”) and a very helpful pointer. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

peace to ALL/ONE
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Re: Changing careers due to Tolle's influence?

Post by sanjay » Mon Jul 20, 2009 10:56 am

HermitLoon wrote:
Are there any specific career lines that appreciate being?
All of them.... :wink:

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Re: Changing careers due to Tolle's influence?

Post by Singh_R » Thu Dec 04, 2014 6:02 pm


well am I so pleased to find this forum and ESPECIALLY THE QUESTION...
I have read Tolle's books and watch his videos and TV. However yes there is a shift that takes place. A Transformation. And yes I have resigned also well alot has taken place in my life since Ive read the books and strangely enough theres quite a few people ive recommended the book to even lent them however for some of them something happened where they couldnt get past the first chapter either pc crashes, or lost interest or just no interest. When I embarked on this journey I was also guilty at some point also of expecting instant miracles gratification answers quick fix solutions ive been through so many programmes workshops initiations practices etc etc however I do concur that when the soul is ready this book will change your whole life. Yes one part of me when everything started to change and trust you me, certain things that took place within and around me shocked and scared me. The only way to explain it is as if the Universe literally pushes you into change transformation enlightenment. My relationships everything actually my whole life just started crumbling. And weirdly enough its amazing actually cos once you accept the of every situation and not resist it. Gradually change will be thrust upon you. And then everything starts to move at.the speed of light. People you once enjoyed.spending time with people you once looked upto as well once you start living in presence its as if you can see right through people their intentions etc. Shifts takes place, exactly as he explains in his books ive experienced 80% of it. Yep at a stage I even assumed I was being delusional but as I started encountering different people from different walks of life that.just openly starts discussing enlightenment and following the path of consciousness I started believing really happened to me. When you have people that.are constantly throwing.negativity you just its hard to explain but.its like it doesnt phase you anymore.
as for work your job, you eventually reach a point where you do look ypurself in the mirror and ask if all this is really worth true happiness and feeling inner peace? And believe it.or.not things start happening around you and to you almost as if the answer is staring you in the yes alot has changed for me. These days its so beautiful wonderful actually to just.sit amongst nature trees flowers plants and just.take a.deep breathe in and out and experience that.stillness that quiet that peaceful joyous feeling. And that.moment that very moment when you open your eyes you realise you have awoken......

now what searching for is if Eckhart has perhaps an internship or apprentice mentorship programme. Cos I want to join so if anyone has any info it would be much appreciated. Thanks

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