Am i in need of a break from this?

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Re: Am i in need of a break from this?

Post by Mouse » Fri Jun 25, 2010 1:08 pm

livingdeeply wrote:For me, the bottom line is: I AM ADDICTED TO MY UNHAPPINESS!!!
I think you have nailed the human condition there.

I have found it very helpful to have developed a sense of 'self' and by self I mean ego but I call it self as it is what I am, my self or person. Ego is a bit of a philosophical term and it doesn't carry the nearness of 'my self' and 'selfish'. Now with that in mind know that self has a certain gravity, it exerts a force that pulls 'I' toward it. When 'I' is immersed in that that is what I think I am and consequently I am the condition. Speed of lift off is created by self examination and revealing what is false. This was the gist of the Nisargadatta statement quoted by Ralph.

By examining your self you will discover what is true and what is false. Really you see the false and that falls away and what is true is what is left.

Now if you are going to do something about it you must look at "Why am I unhappy?" . This is a two level thing. On the self knowledge level you can see as you did, quoting your intelligence, I AM ADDICTED TO MY UNHAPPINESS. That is the closest level.

And then at the practical level you can look and see what is my unhappiness unhappy about.?

And know that self has no knowledge of truth, it has to surrender or die in the moment willingly to the state of being, every moment. And rest in knowing nothing.

Quote from "Knowing Yourself" by B.Long (an excellent book -highly recommended)
You don't gather knowledge when you are getting to know yourself; you lose it.
Many of your firmest ideas go out the window. You may feel naked, vulnerable,
threatened, argumentative, angry. But if you are really looking for the truth and
not for some personal vindication you will start to discover you have access to
the same source of truth as the wisest teachers who ever lived.

Truth is of the moment, never of the man. And 'man' as I use the word includes
all of us, men, women and children.

It is a little known fact that truth cannot be memorised. Truth has to be
discovered now, from moment to moment. It is always fresh, always new, always
there for the still, innocent mind that has experienced life without needing to hold
on to what has gone before.

To know yourself completely is to have experienced being God and to have
access at any moment to the truth this tremendous experience reveals.

The experience gives the continuous certainty of being responsible for every
moment of your life: that whatever happens, the good, the bad and the indifferent, is your own will.

Within this all-sustaining knowledge is the unquestionable certainty of immortality; but at the same time it is also possible to experience responsibility for the
immediate environment and finally for the entire universe including the earth's
apparent discord of war and suffering.

What I have just described is not intellectual possibility but living experience -
more intense in its reality and perception than the experience of being alive.

But you must not believe me. You must realise it in yourself, know it, for it is beyond words and thinking. And it has to be experienced without recourse to
drugs or insanity.

Then you must live your knowledge; be your knowledge. For truth is for all men
and women, not just for yourself.
I have been inspired by Barry Long's teaching and I write this so as to acknowledge my source of inspiration. It is a wonderful help, and it is a wonderful gift.

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Re: Am i in need of a break from this?

Post by spikyface » Fri Jun 25, 2010 6:27 pm

Truth is of the moment, never of the man

You must live your knowledge; be your knowledge. For truth is for all men
and women, not just for yourself.
Very well put
Do not take anyone as an authority on what you are. Ultimately all the answers lie within

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