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dissolving the past

Posted: Wed Jun 16, 2010 9:04 am
by monmonn

This person on youtube has many helpful videos about eckhart tolles practises so if anyones interested feel free

but my real question is about what she does in this one.. she did this exercise where she would bring up things in her past which she still clings onto as either a boost to the ego or mental weight which is stopping her from being herself, write it all in a list on paper and kinda dissolve the experience from her mind.. then at the end she put the paper on fire :D

anyone know what this technique she is using to get rid of the mental weight of the past ???


Monish :)

Re: dissolving the past

Posted: Wed Jun 16, 2010 11:35 am
by Mouse
Yes it will work if consciously done but I would modify it to this:

Burning the paper, ok that's for those who like ceremony, it is not going to be effective unless you identify those prisoners that occupy your inner psychic space, manifesting in the chest region, e.g. mum dad, past lovers and friends, bullies.....any one you hold a grudge against and even those whom you have done wrong to.

Say inside "Are you listening in there YOU ARE ALL FREE TO GO, OUT YOU GO" Imagine opening the bamboo cage in the chest and leaving the door open. Say "I free you and hold nothing against you". You are talking to those little psychic memories that are a bit like vodoo dolls and every time you think about them you stick an emotional pin in them or they in you, same thing. All past emotion. Time to be free.

So they might all go for a while but may come back like homing pigeons. You got to keep shooing them out.

Next start practicing not thinking. All thought is about the past.

Don't talk about the past.

The above directions are adapted (from memory) from Barry Long's "Start Meditating Now" audio recording which is excellent and fully recommended as well as his "How to Stop Thinking" audio.

I was pretty extreme when I did this and really practiced it strictly especially the not talking about the past. Eventually they all go but it does require conscious dedication. There is no easy route like burning the list though there is no harm in trying. I remember chucking out all my favourite music tapes because I wanted to be free of all those songs playing in my head. So that is a bit like burning a list I suppose, but it meant a lot it was symbolic.

This getting free of the psychic/energetic past is absolutely necessary to get lift off in to the present state of being.

Re: dissolving the past

Posted: Wed Jun 16, 2010 11:45 am
by monmonn
wow thanks for that mouse.. something i will have to try out..

PON has helped me, i havnt felt the pain body for a while now and i use to feel it alot back in the days (which i dnt think about anymore unless it is brought up in the now)

you say all this past energy is manifestering in the chest region.. is this why i cant feel the inner body there ?


Re: dissolving the past

Posted: Wed Jun 16, 2010 12:58 pm
by Mouse
monmonn wrote: you say all this past energy is manifestering in the chest region.. is this why i cant feel the inner body there ?
Yes self or past hides behind unopened doors. You could try some exagerated breathing into the upper chest till you get a good sensaton there and then work out or in from that till you can feel all that sticky emotional stuff as a sensation or feeling and then get into that. But I would not be drawn into thought, in the video she was recommending going over the past I suppose memories, I suggest not to do that. It is enough to feel all that stuff and just to know it is the past. Stay with the new which is the ever new inner sensation in the flesh.

At the same time feel around to your back and get the sensation there so you have that whole "barrel" consciously contained. You will eventually bust it. Constant conscious attention (when remembered) will get you in there, and letting go of those prisoners.

Re: dissolving the past

Posted: Thu Jun 17, 2010 10:31 am
by monmonn
thanks heaps :)