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Can sexual energy be transmuted to Presence?

Posted: Sat Jul 31, 2010 6:43 am
by peleke4
Tolle talks about how the painbody transmutes to Presence. How about sexual energy? Is this why some spiritual people practice celibacy? Do they do this to maintain that sexual energy and thus transmute it into Presence/Awareness? (similar in the way that we allow the painbody to be without thinking about it, we allow the sexual energy to be without thinking about it)

Re: Can sexual energy be transmuted to Presence?

Posted: Sat Jul 31, 2010 9:31 pm
by Mouse
Sexual energy is a natural degredation of the energy/presence of Love or Life.
Love or Life is the finer reality behind sexual energy.

It is the ever present feelable reality of the body. It is sensational, it is the pure sensational sexuality of man and woman's body.

Presence can only be known through the feeling of this substantive reality. In other words I intuit the other by being the sensational reality of the body.

Ego or self is an unnatural degradation of sexual energy which is psychic. When purified it reconverts back to sexual energy or love.

Celibates do indeed try to use this conversion but have terrible trouble with the basic desire of the body for love. There is in the celibate the insight that the physical love between man and woman is going into existence when the holiness or presence is out of existence.

This creates the self or ego induced motivation towards celibacy, towards out of existence. But can the self ever give up yearning or lusting after it's opposite body? No, it can't. It will always be moved towards that because that is right for it.

I'll finish with a quote from Barry Long on the subject of celibacy with regard to being free of problematic sexual (egoic selfish) force, which the individual rightly sees as being impure;

"You don’t need a celibate body, you need a celibate mind"