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Posted: Sat Feb 21, 2009 12:40 am
by erict
This discussion community has existed for over 4 years now, and over this time, there have been countless interesting discussions and insightful posts. Sadly, due to the nature of this platform of interaction, most of these discussions and posts are buried among thousands of others and are not easily accessible. The intention of this section is to map out some of the better discussions on the most common subjects, as well as outstanding individual posts.

I am not sure yet how we are going to do this exactly, but what I have in mind for now is the following: posting will be done by the moderators and possibly other members who would volunteer and be selected for this task. Of course, every member is welcome and even encouraged to submit their suggestions for discussions/posts to be included. For the time being, this will be done by sending a private message to your favorite staff member (so I guess I won't be getting many :D ).