Pain Body question

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Pain Body question

Post by pbd » Wed Dec 12, 2012 10:37 pm

In one of Eckhart's articles on pain bodies, he mentions that some people
have a pain body that is never dormant and these people are completely
possessed by it. Does Eckhart believe these people can be healed? Or is
it possible that they are in so much pain because they had their
opportunities to change, but didn't have the courage or willingness to
follow through?

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Re: Pain Body question

Post by itisallsubjective » Fri Dec 14, 2012 3:34 pm

Hi Pbd,
Everybody has a Painbody to an extent and due to genetics, the culture one lives in, or probably the most significant, the awareness one has, determines how it is expressed and how often. It is in the 'human condition' to have one.
I know people who can't help themselves and react violently at the drop of a hat and others who moan and groan their life away. Same thing different expression.They could be said to be possessed by the Painbody and until they alone notice this in themselves won't break the cycle.
You can see the Painbody in yourself when you feel the emotion of anger,fear,anxiety arise. If you notice this in yourself and see what 'sparks' your own Painbody you can understand how sometimes it even feels good and why the unaware are addicted to it a lot of the time . Even the aware are trapped sometimes.

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Re: Pain Body question

Post by rideforever » Fri Dec 14, 2012 7:21 pm

Sometimes my painbody just takes over and I don't wake up for a few days. It's pretty bad.

But then it goes ... and I am back. I am always very grateful, like waking up from a a nightmare.
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Re: Pain Body question

Post by AxelSituation » Thu Jan 10, 2013 11:21 pm


In "The Power of Now", I believe chapter 3, ET mentions that some people can live nearly 100% of their life in their pain body. He does say very nicely how to slow down, watch the breathing, go into the body, and steps and be taken to reduce the pain body. Of course, it will go down in steps, perhaps down to 90%, then 80%, etc.
But to answer your question, yes you can reduce the pain body no matter where you are.

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Re: Pain Body question

Post by neil1234 » Mon Feb 04, 2013 10:12 pm

Hi pbd,

Without in any way playing down the pain of the sufferer, I believe the pain also have some benefits. You see, if someone has not experienced any pain, he/she will have no motivation to read books like "The power of now" and many other good books/philosophies etc. I know many people who have not seen any (or very little) pain in their lives, but I have found those people very superficial.

As long as the person is willing to at least try to overcome his/her painful situation (even if half-heartedly), I have no doubt he will eventually succeed. From another point of view, the pain can also be seen as the fuel for recovery.

Best Regards

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Re: Pain Body question and ADHD

Post by innerheart » Wed Oct 09, 2013 12:57 am

What about pain bodies in children? My boyfriend has a child that is diagnosed with ADHD and ODD. YOu can look those up. The child is in a perpetual state of negativity, complaining, needing, wanting... I mean the text definition of a hungry, angry pain body. Like the ego magnified to its worst possible definitions. This little child is only 6 years old , but I am thinking he has taken on the pain from his parents (divorced) and maybe his own karma...and from the moment he wakes, he is possessed by his ego, the pain body. There is no mindfulness to his behaviour. He is COMPLETELY separated from his soul, and from his inner peace.
Peace would be the exact opposite of this child. What do I do? Can I live with this child? Or do I not even attempt to stay in this relationship b/c he drives me crazy, to see a small human being be so possessed and completely subject to the ego? Does anyone else have this experience? This is so hard to talk about since, no one but folks who read Echkart know what I am talking about, and his Dad, would not have a clue. I am reacting to this child, and I know the cure is to be "PRESENT", but it becomes almost impossible with the size and weight of this pain body. I love the father, and this is very hard. I just had to share this here, b/c I am at my witts end and do not know what to do. Like today the boy was in a car accident with his Mom. And instead of feeling scared and devasted that the boy was in a car accident, I felt nothing. Is that horrible? I must be horrible for even thinking that. But I am putting this out here. Not sure if I will get my answers but I am starting somewhere.

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Re: Pain Body question

Post by itisallsubjective » Sat Oct 26, 2013 3:36 pm

The best advice I can give is to first be grateful that you have this opportunity to 'grow' and live with the child. I have 2 children 6 and 8 and I know where you are coming from with pain bodies of children. You will find that if you really become aware of how YOU feel ,and not try and control the child, things will become a lot easier.You will find it hard but life wasn't meant to be easy unless we get past things like you describe.
To be totally honest the best teacher you can have is not Eckhart Tolle or anybody else like him but it is that child you are with now . :-)

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Re: Pain Body question

Post by kutto » Wed Oct 30, 2013 5:16 am

I just wanted to comment on a couple of these posts.
it possible that they are in so much pain because they had their opportunities to change, but didn't have the courage or willingness to follow through?
There is always opportunity for change. It never goes. Events may pass but new opportunities for change always come in a different form. The new form is always the invitation to change. While we are conscious at all the opportunity never goes.

The opportunity is really looking at new ways of responding to events and particularly relationships. It is really a case of trying new things.

I have been dealing with a very significant painbody for several years (including to the level of psych hospitalisation) and am making good progress in reducing it. I will say too that in so many ways I realise now that those very difficult times were enormous catalysts for growth and change which I am now really starting to realise and in a sense would not trade for anything now as I would otherwise be on an 'OK' path instead of one that is starting to bring me glimpses of real joy.

One thing I have also learned id to be thankful even when in difficult times knowing that within is a gift I just can't see yet. The main thing is just to not give up and keep an open mind to new opportunities for a change.

I have done a couple of painbody posts in the general section and I should do an update on the original one (which was my first post on the forum) which was in a very similar way just saying - help! painbody! People have given me some great help and pointers to advice that really helped me move forward.

I think living with ADHD and a distressed child would be very challenging. I am no expert but I think I would really make sure the child knew they were accepted exactly as they are - real love always accepts, love may desire change but always accepts first and foremost. Accepts does not mean accept forever. If I had only learned 'accepts' does not mean 'will never change' earlier I would probably have not have struggled so much with my own difficulties.

I will also say that rather than fight and 'speed up' real progress came when I learned to slow down and meditate for 30 mins a day. This really made a big, big difference. New answers are always within. When we take the time to go within we will find them. I knew this but did not put it into proper practice for a while and again I could have probably saved a lot of struggle.

take care,


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