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Re: Getting use to emotional pain

Posted: Sun May 21, 2017 7:42 pm
by dijmart
Thank you Dijmart for those kind words, it was much appreciated and heartfelt. It made my night, it touched me deeply. And I am so glad you re-awakened out of your suffering.
Your welcome. :) The truth of the matter is that I'm in what James Swartz calls the fire fly stage. Basically, what that is. is that one blinks "on" as awareness "associated", but not identified, with the body/mind and then "off", when fully identified as the apparent person. So, another words, I'm not yet identified, as awareness, 100% of the time.

So, although pleasure and pain will persist after Moksha (enlightenment) they say suffering ends. So, to me how often, for how long and under what circumstances you suffer, is a guide as to where you're at. Essentially its a blessing to suffer for 2 reasons. It can catapult you deeper into your true nature and the "seeing" that is needed and also you can realize where you're at spiritually, so you don't get enlightenment sickness. Which is where the ego co-opts Self knowledge and believes "it" (the ego) is enlightened. When true enlightenment is identifying as who you really are, awareness just "associated" with the ego/mind/body. Therefore, the ego is a false identity (illusion), so can not claim enlightenment for itself. All that can happen is gaining Self knowledge to remove ones self ignorance of one's true nature, as awareness.
On a side note, I have seen that you are into Vedanta

Yes, but that's only been in the past year and a half. Not a very long time for a Vedantin. Prior to that, since 2009 I had run the neo-advaita circuit mixed with readings of Ramana and Nisargadatta, which I didn't much understand until Vedanta teachings. So my point is that my background is much like my nationality...a complete mix.
I also read some of James Swartz, your teacher, and he sounds good, is a very interesting fellow. I also watched one of his videos.
He is good, so is Ted Schmidt who studied under him.
I have no desire to learn all the sanskrit terms or know Vedanta inside out. I take what is helpful, the major teachings and leave the rest.
She used to write about it, her experiences with them. But in the end, they did not satisfy her, she felt something was missing,
Me too... I didn't know what exactly was missing, but something was. When I went the Vedanta route I found out what was missing. I watched a week long Satsang of James (about 16 hours or so) in a weekend. Where he systematically unfold the major teachings of Vedanta and wow!

The website written Satsangs and emails to Ted Schmidt have cleared additional doubts and answered many questions.



Re: Getting use to emotional pain

Posted: Sun May 21, 2017 9:19 pm
by steve Davidson
Wow, thank you for sharing all of that. It is very interesting and similar to that other persons path. You sound like you have found what you are looking for and Vedanta is helpful to you. I like your approach in "take what is helpful and leave the rest" you can't go wrong with that kind of approach. Thanks again for sharing a little about your path.

Re: Getting use to emotional pain

Posted: Sun May 21, 2017 9:54 pm
by dijmart
You're welcome!
I like your approach in "take what is helpful and leave the rest"
Yes, it's my forum signature also, "take what you like and leave the rest". My way of saying, if what I write doesn't resonate, not a problem, just move on.