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Pain-body reaction to thoughts of leaving relationship

Posted: Sun Sep 24, 2017 5:37 am
by mz222

I've been in a pretty good, respectful and comfy relationship for about a year now, but I keep having thoughts of, "I don't love her, I need to make her leave" and it triggers an uncomfortable reaction in my body, I suppose a pain-body awakening, a flash of heat and an anxious feeling in my stomach. This goes on while I'm at work and makes it hard for me to interact with people, even though I don't care for them much anyway as they are very superficial and childish in the place I work. I'm trying to understand why I have these thoughts, and if they really point to discontent in the relationship, or simply a discontent with work that is bleeding over, and my mind looking for a reason why I must feel that way. With past relationships having been far less peaceful, I could perhaps understand why my mind jumps to this conclusion. With no abusive pain-body interactions between me and her, I can only assume it's a spiritual need for solitude, yet I'm afraid or unwilling to ask for that, even though I know she would oblige.