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Resentment towards the minds knowledge

Posted: Thu Jul 26, 2018 6:50 pm
by jtightlips21
Now I have found that the mind sees a world where object is greater than subject. My mind is no exception. But frankly a world where object is greater than subject is blatantly oppressive. The postmodern philosophies seem to understand the same truth. Now the questions is how to move beyond this way of seeing. Because the more I see a world of competition and might dictating how things occur, then I will probably just get more resentful. I find myself becoming resentful of people who give into this worldview, and compromise their ideals for the sake of convenience. And I especially can get angry if people try to impose this thinking on me. I know I have a bit of a double standard where I feel I am entitled to get preachy about ideals, but wish people would not preach on conformity.