Need Some Anxiety "Pointers"

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Post by Agnieszka » Mon Jun 18, 2007 11:02 pm

I agree with what you say, Aanwezigheid. I experince the same and "use" curiosity-tool (I indeed find my self-exploration interesting and got used to peek into myself as a scientist peeks into a cage with wild animal or watches an amaeba under a microscope). In case of some circumstances that tend to evoke emotions in me, I curiously look into my body and mind - "Hey, what do we have here this time?".
And Dane, I also have a morning anxiety "problem" - often when I wake up, I find my feet moving restlessly :D but when I put my awareness into them, so to say :) , and feel my inner body (which I do immediately whenever it happens) - they stop moving and I'm calm again.
Apparently we're all very similar - same problems, same symptoms.

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Re: Need Some Anxiety "Pointers"

Post by freeflowing26 » Sat Jun 05, 2010 12:07 pm

Hi Dane,

I am a newbie to this forum but I can empathize with your situation. In fact I have just experienced severe anxiety attacks the last few days, but was greatly inspired with an insight that helped me greatly. Though the insight was not solely from Eckhart's teachings, I was able to grasp it and look into the rising anxiety with a different approach. Something came to my awareness that said,"I am feeding it." This kind of inspiration rarely happens but I took that insight quite seriously and kept still to wait for the meaning of it. Then, a thought came that this anxiety which was rooted in my past is eating my vital energy at this moment. It has left me enervated in the past but when I came to accept that I am feeding the anxiety with my energy that should be used for "the Now", I switched to being the watcher, calmly observed the rising "turbulent" energy in my body and accepted that it can continue to operate if I want to, but I can also decide to "starve" it now as this thing without my participation shall pass like any other forms in our lives. This has not removed the feeling straight away but I kept being alert and took great resolve that I will bring it to consciousness. This feeling dissipated and I sense that it was somehow weaker than it first started. The next day it reappeared but with lesser intensity and I welcomed it, acknowledged that it could only survive if I feed it even a morsel of its "food" to survive. To this day it is still present but it is gradually flowing out. I will be honest to admit that I have combined Eckhart's method of being alert while this surfaced and asking myself "if I could now reclaim that energy?"

So far so good. I hope this could help you in whatever you are experiencing at this moment.

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