Dealing with people...

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Dealing with people...

Post by starxy » Sat Jan 22, 2011 6:46 am

My dear friends,

I have found many comforting words of what is already written here, except for the matter that's occupying me the most...

I understand the thought power, dealing with thoughts and consciousness... My year 2010 was a challenge, biig challenge... not that much because of events as such, but in great deal because of people in my surroundings...

You rise above average thinking, madness in people's heads, daily routine outbursts, etc... You find your inner peace and you are able to idetify real from illusion,... which all makes your life easier to understand and live...

But what when people around you, full of confussed thoughts that make them rave and go to the extends you wouldn't believe, can't accept you as someone who's in peace with himself, who can live any situation and is succesful however events turn?? What to do when there are more of those people than there's (one) of you, they gather and give you hard time... with agression you wouldn't believe. I'm in peaceful relationship with anyone, when i'm not in tune with someone, i set limits to where that person can go, but just that, no agression from my side, never. You wouldn't believe how much energy some people devote to dealing with someone else, instead of with themselves.

How do you deal with people who just won't leave you alone?


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Re: Dealing with people...

Post by Tesmond » Wed Mar 16, 2011 7:59 am

Hello starxy,

I can relate to how you're feeling about difficult people. I deal with them every day at my job, and not just a few of them, but hundreds of them. I often thought that it was always somehow their fault for how they're making me feel, but you have to remember that you are in control of your inner space, and how you react to them is determined by how conscious you are of how you feel.

You answered your own question with the last word in your post, btw. Love is faultless and perfect. Taking action through love is the greatest thing you can do. Do you feel that other people dislike/hate you for what you are? Love them anyway. For every negative thing that comes your way, love them tenfold in return, and watch as their comments slide off you. In the depths of loving another, you are immune to any attempts to dishearten you.

If you still feel that you are having difficulty accepting your situation, perhaps it is time to move on. It's possible that deep down you know this and have been avoiding this issue, and that may be what's disturbing you. If the difficult people are in your family, maybe it's time you made your feelings clear to them, or maybe you need to spend some time away. If you cannot take any action, abide deeply in the Now, and feel the love that comes from that. Whenever you are at a loss, that will always be your sanctuary.

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Re: Dealing with people...

Post by heidi » Thu Mar 17, 2011 2:22 pm

Hi Starxy - You might want to look into the work of Byron Katie. One thing I know is true is that when I think "she won't leave me alone" what I really mean is I won't leave me alone. In other words, it is your mind and thoughts that are allowing these people to bother you - not the people themselves but your attitude and attachment to your own ideas about how they should be. Imagine that their presence among you are like thoughts going through your mind - because what irks you about them is really all mind stuff that YOU own. Hope this helps.
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