can dreams set you off on an episode?

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can dreams set you off on an episode?

Post by fifi » Tue Apr 26, 2011 10:26 pm

I had a dream on saturday night, and still haven't recovered, i feel drained of life, cold and havent stopped crying with thoughts i am no good. this kind of action is exactly what happens when i am gripped in a painbody episode, normally just before menstruation i feel shitty but this last one has crept from a dream. i dont normally have bad dreams, and if i do i dont normally feel so bad afterwards but this time the content was beyond a normal nightmare, it was just a conversation with someone who i once knew saying nasty things to me and hurting me. it was so very vivid and real i woke up in shock. prior to this i was doing well with staying present for longer periods than normal.
now i'm thinking painbody wants its way and is using dreams to try and suck me in, and caught me off gaurd, it succeeded in the disguise of a man i once liked. of course he looked like a vampire and tried to force me to do things i didnt want to do, this bloke isnt my best friend in RL but i'm sure he's no vampire.

has anyone else had dreams that suck them into painbody episodes?
could this version of a past love interest be trying to ruin my deeply felt peace i have been feeling for the last few weeks?
its the only thing that gets me down, and because i dont think of him much and react in the waking world, its now using dreams for attention. :shock:

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Re: can dreams set you off on an episode?

Post by enigma » Thu Apr 28, 2011 7:07 pm

The pain body is a useful idea until we give it a face and motivations and go off analyzing it's behavior, then we create too much separation to see clearly. At some point it has to all collapse back into YOU. Mind, ego, painbody; this is ALL part of the waking dream in which there is just YOU dreaming all of this up.

'My mind' just refers to the stream of thoughts that unfolds from the intelligence that YOU are based on a particular perspective on YOUR own dreamscape. 'My ego' refers to a particular category of those thoughts that circles around the idea that what YOU are is one of the dream characters YOU are dreaming. 'Painbody' is the expression of those thoughts that have not fully reached the surface level of YOUR awareness because YOU don't fully pay attention to them, and they express in the form of feeling. It's all thought and it's all YOU expressing spontaneously and then hacking up that expression into stuff that is you and stuff that isn't. Look at YOUR own creation and decide how much power you want to give it.

Nothing in YOUR thought expression can bring you Peace and nothing can take it away. Believing that it can is to make Peace conditional on the spontaneous unfolding of YOUR own dream, and this is not Peace, it's a temporary escape. The dream character YOU are dreaming isn't a good enough dream character, and so the dreamer struggles. This must be seen for the absurdity that it is.

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Re: can dreams set you off on an episode?

Post by heidi » Sun May 01, 2011 12:10 am

Fifi - I'd like to direct you to Rather than admonishing you for not "getting" Enigma's View, I welcome you to see that everything, even dreams and enigma's view, are simply data flowing in The View, and it's your choice to cling or allow the data to pass (like a bird in the sky. When it flies through what is left in the sky?). As human beings we do have this sticky stuff in our brains, (even our ideas of how everyone should understand awakening the way we do), and that's why we are all here at this forum.
Those sticky things are our best teachers. 8)
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