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Vibrational Shifting

Posted: Wed Dec 16, 2015 2:13 am
by Enlightened2B
There is so much confusion on Self Realization, so much over complication, by trying to dissect reality, trying to break down objects (which never works), trying to define, define and define, label, label, label, even with science trying to grasp consciousness, when ultimately if you ask me, not that I'm an expert, but self realization is a process of seeing through (shining the light of awareness) beliefs and beliefs are the focal point of our manifesting.

To say there are no beliefs when we are awakened, is ironically clearly just another belief! Beliefs will ALWAYS be an aspect of the human experience as they are merely thoughts with emotional energy and imagination is the key to manifestation. Just like the belief that we can "rid" ourselves of ego while experiencing as humans. Good luck with that one. On the other hand, seeing that the self which we envisioned ourselves to be by our beliefs, is ultimately just that....a belief made of thoughts energized in motion which.....IS the process of Self realization, in realizing the Self merely is all that is.

It's merely a process of altering our beliefs, which you only do through a process of....inclusion. If we consider that reality or what we perceive as physical reality, is merely a reflection of our own inner state (something I still am grappling to understand), then self realization is the process of realizing that our beliefs are manifesting as......physical reality. We are here for creation and you can only create/manifest consciously from a place of Being, which is from a vibration closest to that of our Loving nature, when we are truly aligned with that core vibration of who we truly are, which is why there is so much unconscious manifesting happening on this planet as many people's core beliefs are simply based in "lack". Abundance is already the case. Abundance is not in opposition to lack, just as dark is not in opposition to light. There never WAS lack....outside of the beliefs that we hold which claim so. Most people are so out of touch with their own inner state (beliefs) though that they have no idea THEY are the ones who are manifesting their reality whether they believe it or not.

Been really resonating with a LOT of the law of attraction stuff lately from Bashar and Abraham Hicks. It's ALL making sense to me now in my life. There is no true attraction. It's a misnomer. The Eckhart Tolle stuff is just a stepping stone to a greater conscious place of creation. Not just on a conceptual level, but on a truly experiential level is this stuff happening in my life. My life is reflecting to me through my relationships mainly, what I am experiencing on an internal level and which areas of my life needs more integration. Right now, it's still a process of embracing vulnerability, and a process of self love with the common theme that I chose to explore in this life pre-birth which is abandonment and rejection which I discovered intuitively and through past life regression. Ignoring that to bypass it in place of taking an Absolute point of view (which I once did) did nothing to prevent those same beliefs to still unconsciously (and eventually consciously) manifest in my life in many many forms, especially physical illness. True Self realization is not a process of exclusion or rejection, because everything in our experience wants to dearly to be heard, felt, and lovingly embraced, (since love is our nature), and is a process of inclusion. Unconditional love includes and does not reject. Darkness (the belief in lack) is an aspect of Light (Love/all There Is/abundance).

Awareness might be all, which one can notice when they stop defining their experience and learn to lovingly embrace and accept EVERYTHING, including the darkest of emotions, but there is a core vibration within each of us that is the basis for individual creation (each of us enters in this life with a particular vibrational signature that is completely unique to another person) and you can only raise your vibration through a process of.....inclusion once again. You don't "get rid" of beliefs that no longer serve you, you simply lovingly embrace them and allow them to express what they need to. Of course there's more to it also on an emotional/body level as well (bio-energetics).

The mis perception of the Law of Attraction by those who shun it (simply because they don't understand it) is that we are materialistically attracting things OUTSIDE of ourselves, which is a complete fallacy. There is nothing outside of us ultimately, since everything is an interconnected web of energy/awareness/consciousness and what we perceive to be outside of us, is merely a product of not seeing the mirror aspect of our experience when we believe ourselves to be separate cut off beings. Yet, of course the law of attraction individually only has so much power, compared to the collective consensus beliefs that we have agreed upon as well. Not to mention, people choose pre-birth to be born into certain societies (third world countries) for the exploration of just that.

Life can surely seem like "nothing is ultimately happening" and perhaps on some level, nothing is ultimately happening, yet ultimately that's a spiritual bypassing aspect of the ego ironically, because you are missing the true nature of the individual (yet not separate) aspect of creation (which everyone realizes at death of the body) which is happening on every level of Being. Most of us cannot even comprehend the Conscious Awareness taking place within our OWN bodies! Yet, we arrogantly think that just because we can't experience something from our human perspectives, means it does not exist, when that is a complete mis understanding of Universal Consciousness. Go do some research on particles themselves and you will come to see how particles themselves are self aware as science has seen, not to mention, the eco-system of living bacteria you have in your own gut (which is a universe in itself), the soil that feeds into a tree, the vast array of energy in outer space that takes the form of nebulae, planets, stars, galaxies, etc are all beaming with life. These things don't need your limited human perception to allow them to be. They are operating just fine as they are. Just because you can't see something with the human limited sensory, only means your human perspective is just that...... limited and intentionally so, for the purpose of this exploration. The human aspect of consciousness is merely one potential self aware avenue of exploration.

I love Bashar's take on manifesting. Everything is already THERE. You are not actually ATTRACTING anything apart from you. Nor are you repelling anything. We enter into this life, with individual unique core frequencies (associated with our unique soul groups which vibrate at various frequencies), meaning each of us has a unique frequency and when we enter into a human incarnation, we enter in WITH that vibrational frequency, which is automatically set to align with the vibrational resonance of everything else in experience which matches that core frequency of course. However, because of conditioning (which is also a very intended aspect of the experience which helps veil us from our nature in exploring the themes we choose to explore), that vibrational core frequency is lowered and as a result, we start "attracting" things that are only resonant with the frequency we are NOW putting out there which is often based in a belief in "lack" or "I am not good enough", but is not the frequency that matches with our core being/aka our signature vibration which is ALWAYS abundance. Abundance is already the "what is". It's simply a matter of attuning our frequency (by exploring through our beliefs) to match the frequency of what already is.

This is exactly what Abraham Hicks teaches in the terms of alignment. You can't resonate or match the vibrational frequency of those "things" that are trying their dearest to "get to us"(those things that match our CORE vibration) if we are holding core beliefs (which hold a different vibrational frequency) that are in opposition to those things that are trying to get to us (those things again, that match our original core frequency). When we feel those negative emotions strongly, it's a result of dissonance, which means there are aspects of our experience that still need to be integrated emotionally....aka.....beliefs we are holding on to that do not match our core vibration.

So, shifting vibration is a matter of really going within ourselves and lovingly embracing everything that is showing up and in the process questioning those beliefs and when you do that, you shift your vibration TO that core vibration of "Being" itself. Yet, that vibration is STILL going to be unique compared to another person and another and person and so on.

In dealing with my own experiences in relationships in particular, I've begun to see quite an awful lot of how manifestation/vibrational resonance works in this reality. Because there is no objective reality, everything operates based on vibrational resonance, since it's all aspects of the same One Energy.

Re: Vibrational Shifting

Posted: Wed Dec 16, 2015 2:25 am
by Enlightened2B
I should add.....this is what feels "right" at this moment. I have a feeling this too....will shift as I gain further insight and clarity.

Re: Vibrational Shifting

Posted: Fri Dec 18, 2015 1:57 pm
by Onceler
Here is a koan for you.

Manifesting out of fear will only cause more suffering. Once fear is gone there's no need to manifest.

True or false?

Re: Vibrational Shifting

Posted: Fri Dec 18, 2015 6:34 pm
by Enlightened2B
I'll give my opinion.

I'd suggest that manifesting is happening whether we try to or not. Manifesting consciously to me, means we simply are aware that we are manifesting. Manifesting unconsciously means we are unaware that we are manifesting. I don't think it's more complicated than that.

However, I'd also say that there are many people who surely have "awakened", but are still unaware that they are manifesting, not that there is anything wrong with that at all. In the neo-advaita community which takes it to another extreme, people have surely awoken, and that's clear that they have realized that all important fist step that "their thoughts are no who they are", yet they still are unaware of manifestation because they are so tied in with the belief of "there is no me" that they can't see the forest for the trees in that there IS a me; albeit a non separate one.

As a result, they fail to understand how reality actually works, and why they actually came here and therefore, they don't see manifestation. The belief in "there is no me" often stems from a half ass path to some "non-existent" absolute perspective of "nothing is happening, no one is here, there are no people", which is a complete mis-understanding due to not fully embracing their experience authentically, and then they fail to take responsibility for their own lives, because after all....there are no lives, no free will and nor do they understand the relationship between their thoughts/beliefs and their own bodies, relationships and experience, because they don't believe they exist. Many in the sector believe that disease just happens randomly and have not an inkling of understanding of how disease manifests in the body energetically. Ironically, all just another trap, but even so, nothing ultimately wrong with that perspective either. It's the same people who claim that you can't do shadow work, because "a shadow or a thought can't light up another shadow". This stems from the delusion of taking on once again the belief of "there is no me" by bypassing their own experience.

Anyone who has performed bio-energetics in any regard whether it's yoga, Qi-gong, or deep emotional work, will understand that self realization on a more authentic path incorporates the body very much so and not by bypassing any aspect of our experience, but including it and including our emotions, which allows one to actually see how manifestation is happening on an emotional level in the body first and foremost and then outside of the body.

So, I would say it's just the nature of vibration for manifestation to happen. However, perhaps a greater question it important to manifest consciously? I don't think anything is important until we make it important. Even waking up is not important. We don't come here to become enlightened beings because we already ARE enlightened other than a belief that we aren't for this blip in the radar of a human life. We come here to be human and that's it. I believe it's a new age fallacy to believe anything other than simply being you, as you are....right here and now, whether you believe that you is a separate little me separate from everyone else, or whether you see that, that "you" is merely a construct of thought and belief. Yet, of course, most us are DRAWN towards awakening, because it's a calling from deep inside of us to BE who we truly ARE, and that's why we get drawn to Eckhart Tolle and the like in the first place.

I think that is entirely up to you or the person asking whether something is important. Nothing is of importance until we give it that meaning if you ask me. Desire is the focal point of creation and manifestation. It matters not what we think, but, where that desire is aligned with. And one can only know that when they are truly in touch with their bodies in my estimation as that's where true intuition stems from. The body does not lie. 8)

That's my take.

Re: Vibrational Shifting

Posted: Sat Dec 19, 2015 1:28 am
by Onceler
Great answer! I don't feel the need to manifest consciously. I have experience manifesting when I was trying trying to fix my life and it went awry. Of course it worked out in the end. I really think manifesting, consciously out of fear or lack, desire gone wrong, is risky. I believe manifesting out of 'abundant' greed specious and there are lots of folks walking around as if the world is a consumer mart just for them with no thought to the consequences of their indulgences. It seems a further perversion of our first world entitlement.

I would like to see some of these manifesting teachers set up shop in a ghetto or third world country and put it to the test in an extreme life situation. As you know, getting rid of fear is my mantra and I believe everything else follows. With fear gone we can only manifest positivity, as you say, consciously or unconsciously.

Re: Vibrational Shifting

Posted: Sat Dec 19, 2015 3:42 am
by Enlightened2B
I think a lot of these people that you reference, come to teachings like the LoA from a place of mis-understanding what it actually is and most of all....who THEY actually are. Such as those who think there is a universe separate from them in the first place which will bring many goods to them (which is the mainstream interpretation of LoA). Of course, this is a backwards view. However, many others do understand it and merely choose to manifest a better life for themselves, being creative beings at heart.

Yet, abundance in reality is already the case. There is nothing other than abundance ultimately. Just like All there is....already is....all there is. It's not something we can attain or lose. It's only a belief in other (lack) which keeps away what we would naturally attract if we did understand our nature. So, ultimately, you're going to "attract" vibrationally what matches you whether you want to or not. Of course, you could live in a cave as well and not interact with the world and that too is perfectly fine. Each of us has different paths and we can only intuitively know what feels more in alignment and what does not.

The LoA will only work within a certain context in physical reality. There are other factors at play also such as choosing to be born in a certain geographical location or time for the purpose of exploration of that theme. If we're born into a situation such as living in a third world country, then likely I would think, we chose this and the LoA will only manifest what is right for us vibrationally for THIS life. You're not going to attract a corvette or a hot blonde model, if you're living in a concentration camp in the middle of no where. Of course, I'm sure there are other factors at play as well.

Re: Vibrational Shifting

Posted: Sat Dec 19, 2015 7:51 pm
by Webwanderer
E2B, love these posts. They are a clear demonstration of alignment in action. It's a beautiful thing to feel one's way to clarity on matters of being with fingers on keyboard and be a participant in what flows through. Yes, much of the information may have been gleaned initially through other sources from our search for greater understanding; but the pure sense of it, the intimate realization of its relevance in our lives is manifest through an active alignment with our true nature and through what enhanced clarity genuinely feels like. I recognize what's happening with you. Something similar has been my own experience. Great stuff, and much appreciated.


Re: Vibrational Shifting

Posted: Sat Dec 19, 2015 10:28 pm
by Enlightened2B
Thanks WW, glad you enjoyed it.

A lot has been shifting....yes....and it hasn't been fully pretty at times, but it's been a really cool expansive process in learning about myself as I learn to tap in to the more authentic aspects of my experience more and more, which I guess is my true nature/aka spirit which has been calling out to be heard for many many years. The expressive aspect of our experience longs to be heard and the form of expression is entirely unique for each of us. It's beautiful. Every perspective I feel serves its purpose for doesn't anymore, which I would guess is what expansion is. Such that the hardcore non-dual view served its purpose for me greatly at one point and it just doesn't anymore at all ....especially in the limited way it is portrayed in certain non dual circles (no self stuff).

At any rate, thanks for being an inspiration on this forum in bringing such expansive perspectives here.

Re: Vibrational Shifting

Posted: Wed Jan 06, 2016 2:25 am
by smiileyjen101
folks might be interested in this Ted Talk / transcript about the questions physics can't answer...

I just want to say Yes +++++
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