The law of attraction

Manifesting your reality or the Law of Attraction
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Re: The law of attraction

Post by gdvant » Wed Jan 28, 2009 6:07 am

innerpeace2u wrote:gd, it's always good to be reminded of gratitude as one of the essential portals, so to speak. I'm anxiously waiting (, uhm, but focusing on NOW) for feedback on contrasting this with Dyer's comments I posted.

Eckhart also mentions that a vision or goal should already by inside you when you are present. Its as if the goals are coming through you through consciousness versus material wants through egoic thinking. He mentions not to visualize for something to happen but rather you respond to your inner impulses which then allows you to manifest it outside.

This is interesting in itself because it goes back to my original post I had which was to say if anyone actually experienced these inner impulses from consciousness? And if so, how did it seem different?
To understand something of what is already inside as potentiality that can manifest
where there is centerless awareness or presence, it helps to start by negating what
is not that. What is not that is a movement toward something known, desired or
'of thought.' A creative (and therefore authentic) response is not a movement from
known to known. It emerges out of silence when the conditioned mind is still and
hence not interfering.


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Re: The law of attraction

Post by gdvant » Thu Jan 29, 2009 2:39 am

I sense that gratitude and unconditional love are so connected that it's hard to imagine one without the other. At least from our limited perspective in form, gratitude in being is the portal through which the experience of unconditional love flows. In those moments of pristine stillness, express a sense of unqualified gratitude in being. Is there a better experiential example of Love so consistantly present? Maybe, but this will do for now.
gv: so there is a law of attraction that could be described as "love will find love."
When it is not just a belief but a realized fact, there is feeling of joy even though
a measure of division persists. Some people speak of joy that arises for no reason
at all. But it is only outwardly that there is no reason. Inwardly, there is a reason!

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Re: The law of attraction

Post by Glycine » Wed Feb 25, 2009 5:48 pm

innerhike wrote:The less I resist Life, the more I am present, the more Life flows in all of its abundance.
Everything happens as it is supposed to happen - could this be a paradox?
Can we really resist Life?
Even when it appears that we resist Life, we are very likely still in the flow of Life - we just don't know it!
Maybe our only choice is to know (be aware) that we are in the flow of Life, or just ignore that feeling.

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