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An Example of the Law of Attraction at Work

Posted: Sun Jun 26, 2011 2:19 am
by snowheight
There is a cat that has been dwelling with us for a bit less than a year who has already used up six of his 9 lives.

Life 1 - We found him abandoned in our driveway, barely old enough to be separated from his mother.

He turned out to be such light and beautiful soul. The best way that I can convey this is that the kitten and now the cat doesn't have a single malicious bone in his body. He is all forgiveness. Ever gentle, with a soft padding through life, ever light. Almost barely here. He is filled with seeming boundless energy and looks out onto the world with these fearless, guileless eyes.

Life 2 - The squirrels in our back yard fascinated him, and it quickly became apparent that he couldn't tell the difference between his ability and theirs. Now these days, it is very comical to watch him stalk them. Unlike the other cats, he can get quite close ... this is not due to some special stalking ability ... no, you can see the squirrels, they make a half-hearted attempt to run away, look back, and you can see it on their face ... "...oh, no need to worry, it's just Lo-lo!". For his part, he runs up to them and then you can see the cat-thought .. "ok, what do I do now?".

Well in any event while he was still young he treed himself chasing them and I had to get out the ladder to get him down. These days he just keeps climbing up onto a neighbor's roof that he somehow knows how to get down from on his own.

Life 3 - He got hit by a car. That really sucked. He limped around for awhile but now he's fine. Hard to believe.

Life 4 - Before he developed his acrobatic talents he followed the branches up onto our roof and meowed his head off until I went up through the hatch to bring him back in.

Life 5 - Somehow he got into an abandoned apartment at the back of the house next door. The owner hasn't lived there for awhile and at the time he had an auction notice up, so I risked the trespass and removed the screen trapping the cat.

Life 6 - Three nights ago he didn't come home. Sue broke down and cried twice about it. We went all around calling his name, looking for him. Finally, after coming home, it was like about 11 at night and things were quieter than normal, we called out his name as we walked back to the house, not really expecting anything. Go figure ... we hear this really really faint cry. It took some doing but we traced it to a garage across a street and kitty-corner to us. He must have gone inside to get out of the rain and then gotten closed in. Luckily, the door wasn't locked

Here's the little critter, now imprisoned until further notice:


When I think about all of the dumb risks I've taken in my life I truly am astounded by how many times God has pulled my ass out of the fire. Three years ago, before reading TPON, not only would I have never recognized this, but I never would have realized what of a reflection of myself I've found in Lolo.

"The Lord works in mysterious ways".

"Be careful what you wish for".

Choosing to live by some sort of code or secret or plan or whatever and then expecting all good things to come your way is a gross mis-interpretation of the idea of karma, or the Law of Attraction ... but there is no way to outrun your direct experience, and sometimes, you can see glimpses of the mirror in the content of the reflection.

Re: An Example of the Law of Attraction at Work

Posted: Sun Jun 26, 2011 9:54 pm
by hanss
Thank you for sharing. It's nice to get insights in the daily life.
snowheight wrote:When I think about all of the dumb risks I've taken in my life I truly am astounded by how many times God has pulled my ass out of the fire.
I come to think of a man a met and talked to. Very friendly and warm hearted but he seemed worn and damaged somehow. He said a lot fo things and I got in some sort of state of shame because of the complaining I had done about small problems in my life. Many years of drugs and alcohol, living in the streets. I will not get in to details about his family, people around him and such but I got a story from another world than I was used too. He had been in hell. Anyway, one day he found him self in a basement. He did not now how he got there but he was in really bad shape. Shaking of cold and the chemicals. He said that he had been in bad shape before bot not like this. He had not eaten for a long time and he felt it was over this time. There was nothing left in his body. Nothing, he could feel it. He did not really care, but said out loud: "God, I'm dying now. You don't exist but here is your chance to save me if it is possible." No more memory from the event, only of hospitals and rehabs later on. Alive and well now, often speak about compassion, understanding, love, forgiveness and "we are all in this world together and we are together with God".

Re: An Example of the Law of Attraction at Work

Posted: Sun Jun 26, 2011 10:50 pm
by Rick
snowheight wrote:
snowheight wrote:When I think about all of the dumb risks I've taken in my life I truly am astounded by how many times God has pulled my ass out of the fire.

Growing up my Dad would occasionally say to me rather contemptuously "you are the only person I know who can fall in shit and come out smelling like a rose". Your sentence above Snow reminded me of the many times I too fell into the fire and was saved. When I have looked back on those saving moments I could see one common element. I always owned up. Whether it was a complete lack of good judgement, stupidity or going against a prior inner knowing that I shouldn't do a thing, I would always look to my end of the thing. Even as others would offer ready excuses like "that so and so was a bad influence on you, Its his fault this happened". I would blow off all such talk. Like the fable that says George Washington told on himself about chopping down the cherry tree, I instinctively would tell on myself and insist that I was responsible for my end of it and no one else. I have long suspected that there is a significant connection between error, owning up and successfully recovering from error. Sometimes its like the Universe saying "well done, good and faithful servant" or like the father rushing to put rings and fine linens on the still distant returning prodigal son even as he was still far from home, dirty and hungry.

Re: An Example of the Law of Attraction at Work

Posted: Tue Jun 28, 2011 11:00 am
by snowheight
Rick wrote:When I have looked back on those saving moments I could see one common element. I always owned up. Whether it was a complete lack of good judgement, stupidity or going against a prior inner knowing that I shouldn't do a thing, I would always look to my end of the thing.
Yes and in the spirit of contrition I'll expand and say that when I think about all of the dumb risks I've taken in my life, beknighted, rebellious, and utterly devoid of gratitude, I truly am astounded by how many times God has pulled my ass out of the fire.

And this is a great example of how the concept of karma is asymmetric, because while Lolo is surely naive, he is actually filled with gratitude, constantly showing affection ... purring ... kneading the blankets around us as though they were his mothers belly. He is also far from rebellious. It is very difficult getting in and out of the house these days as he is ever eager to exploit any open door and he is very fast! ... but he shows absolutely no resentment about being thwarted. This is something that I can say from experience is not true of all cats. And lack of rebellion and a gracious perspective do not describe me in those days in which the grace of whatever is was granted over and over again.

And yet, here is Lolo, a direct reflection, in his need for constant rescue, of that foolish young man.

I don't have kids so I cannot say but my guess is that those of you who do and are familiar with the concept of the LoA would have much to say on this.

In a way, one's relation to this concept that what you put out comes back to you is likely a projection of your life situation. It's much easier and far more likely for a rich man to identify with this idea than someone on hard times. It is a self-justifying, self-reinforcing perspective which can be broken and replaced quite suddenly with befuddlement by the random nature of the world.

This is not to suggest, of course, that none of those who hold this belief have led lives free from strife ... that would be a silly generalization ... but by and large this tendency in the population if divided along this line could be easily recognized if one looks casually.

I find it an ironic synchronicity that this conversation arose while I was reading the book of Job for the first time. A few years before I picked up TPON as my intellectual seeking transitioned from the collection to the interpretation of knowledge I started reading the Bible simply to fill in a gap in experience. Got as far as the exile before the end of my own spiritual exile of a sort and started reading it again a few weeks ago. Great timing from my perspective as the conversation between Job and those offering the wisdom of the day is one directly applicable to the concept of the LoA.

Re: An Example of the Law of Attraction at Work

Posted: Sun Jul 03, 2011 6:50 am
by smiileyjen101
snowheight wrote:
When I think about all of the dumb risks I've taken in my life I truly am astounded by how many times God has pulled my ass out of the fire.
Have you ever had any where you realised you had asked for it? and how perfectly everything meshed for it to evolve?

I need to express here that times that I have looked back for 'from whence this came' I have usually found with absolute clarity the expression of the need/want of it, and significant signposts along the way that the universe was granting my 'wish' (loosely put). The thing is they are sooooo deftly personal and speaking to 'know thyself' and so many other things, acceptance, universilizability, oneness, response-ability, the flow of energies within a myriad of 'laws' known and unknown in the quantum physics sense (and maybe multiple universes even) and flailing honesty.... plus at times a oneness in synchonicities, and things far bigger than one can see with a flashlight in a warehouse.

The out-come though - the growth and gratitude, would not have been possible without them. The seed of them would not have been possible without the noticing the niggle of resistance to something. As simply as a seed, or anything being born into creation pushes through the darkness into the light.

The thing is, you need to start from a point of acceptance (and I don't mean dogmatic or magical believing, or even attachment to the outcome) of the possibility of all things.

Re: An Example of the Law of Attraction at Work

Posted: Sun Jul 03, 2011 7:17 am
by smiileyjen101
This is an extract from a book I'm writing on some of my life experiences. It (I guess) will throw up all manner of 'irks'. I know I don't travel the path most travelled. But it is a story - experience that (for me) combines all of the things above that congregated together in action to answer a 'request' in a way that just deciding, just letting go, just accepting never could undo deep pain body crap within me that wasn't about hurting me, but about hardening my being against others. As above - the thing is you have to accept so much in order to accept and recognise and take response-ability for, and grow from, opportunities such as this.
I have a conscious knowledge that what I ask for will come my way. I don’t mean riches or material things. I mean opportunities to develop.

I had been assessing all my experiences on the ship during this break. In all of my adventures on the ship, I found only one thing I wished I could change.

I had grown suspicious and distrustful of a ‘certain’ race of people, particularly men. I felt it had become a sweeping discrimination, and it irked me. I wanted to be free of it. I didn’t want to be discriminatory or judgemental. My red hair and natural smiling nature had been misinterpreted by some ^&*$ men I had crossed in my travels. Some, particularly in Fiji, a little less so in Singapore, had treated me with less than respect. Some were teasing and playful, but others were outright disrespectful, even bordering on violent.

On one occasion, I had gone out to dinner with a group of crew in Suva. I was standing a little away from the group, waiting for them to make up their mind where we were going next. A man approached me, and as is normal for me, I smiled. He came straight over to me and kissed me. It took me by surprise and I yelped.

One of my ‘brothers’ took even greater offence than I did and was ready to fight for my honour. Sweet, a little over the top in the circumstances, but I was glad they were there so it could not go any further. I had been shopping at markets on my own one day when another man actually grabbed me and tried to drag me into his truck.

Another upset me, probably more so after I learned about (my adopted brother’s) beating in (country of origin of these people). I had come off the ship on my own in Suva. I was approached by a very young boy. He would have been barely five years old. Very cute, with big, expressive, brown eyes. He tearfully looked up at me and told me he was lost. He asked if I would help him find his uncle’s shop. I agreed and escorted the little boy through the markets, along streets full of shops until finally he pointed to one in particular and said it was his uncle’s shop.

I thought I was doing a nice thing. It may have been a little naïve, but to me it shouldn’t have been. I escorted the little boy into the shop, expecting the uncle to be concerned that his little nephew had been lost and to notify his parents. Instead, the man pushed passed me and locked the shop door behind me. He quickly told me now I would buy something from his shop before he would let me leave. The little boy disappeared behind the counter. It had been a ruse.

Sometimes I feel as if time stands still and lets me process things. This was one such time. I had the 15 seconds of anger (No! thank you). I was righteous for my own betrayal, but infinitely more concerned about the welfare of the little boy. He popped his head around the corner and beamed a huge smile at me while his uncle was bullying me into selecting something to buy from his shop. He had been a willing participant.

Other tales of similar events, particularly with stewardesses all added to the weight of my discrimination. I had spoken to Kun G about it and he had told me of many beautiful (race) people he had met. It only served to add to my distaste of my own discrimination. I didn’t want to say, or think, that I hated a particular race of people. It was silly and unkind.

We discussed how discrimination feeds itself. One bad experience attaches itself to other bad experiences until it becomes a fear based on something that is not rational. People of any one creed, colour, race, religion or faith do not all behave the same. They do not have the same values. Those are individual traits. Discrimination of people on the basis of things they have no control over has caused much of the preventable tragedies of our world.

I remember consciously asking for the opportunity to rid myself of this discrimination while I was still on the ship, but it didn’t happen then. In the break between the ship and my next travelling adventures I sat on my parents’ veranda and clearly meditated to have this irk within me removed. I guess I didn’t really know then that experiential opportunity would likely be required to rebalance the experiential learning that put it there in the first place.

Where I was working in the Blue Mountains was miles from anywhere. There was only one road in, a mountainous, windy long road. Normally if I went to Sydney, I would catch a train back to the top of the mountain range, and a bus to the Caves, where I was working.

I had hitched before, or accepted a lift with staff or guests. I had set rules about hitching. If it were with a stranger, I would not get in a car with more than one other person. I definitely would not hitch at night and I weighed up my instincts and acted accordingly as soon as a car stopped for me. It was not beyond me to have a car stop and my instincts kick in and guide me to feign having forgotten something and not be able to accept the lift after all. I would always be polite, thank them for stopping, and walk away from the car.

I had once ignored my instincts based on an ‘honourable’ uniform the driver was wearing. That was until the driver started to tell me he had to make a detour to a friend’s house before heading in the direction I was going. I knew the area he wanted to detour to and it only contained an isolated water tower in bushland. I asked him to pull over and let me out before he detoured and he tried to talk me out of it.

He was trying to act innocent. I was trying to act calm. Eventually I told him if he didn’t stop the car I would open the door and jump out anyway. He panicked and tried to tell me he did not intend to hurt me, but the truth was screaming much louder in my head. I had eventually followed my instinct and never had to find out if it was true, but I was safe.

So it was ‘interesting’ that the opportunity I had asked for came in the way that it did. I had been in Sydney for my days off and got back to the mountains later than normal. Staff dinner at the Caves was served at a particular time and if I was late, I would go hungry until breakfast. No bus met the train I was on and I found out they had finished running for the night. I started to walk. I got a lift with an elderly man to the turnoff to the road to the Caves. From here, anyone on the road could only be going to the Caves, or so I thought.

Just on dusk a lady came along and stopped for me. She told me she was only going to a farm mid way to the Caves. I accepted, thinking I might be able to walk from there. As she dropped me off at the turning to her farm night was falling quickly. I was still a lot of miles from the Caves and it would take me more than an hour to walk it. I was beginning to think I would miss dinner when I saw headlights swinging around the winding road below me.

I heartened and thought that it was likely that I would know anyone coming along the road at this time. I kept walking and waiting for the car to approach me. As it did, I saw that it was a van. I thought it might even be one of the work vans. I stuck my thumb out and it puttered to a stop beside me.

It was one of those times, when time appeared to stand still to let me consciously absorb what was happening. The van was not a work van. The occupants were not anyone I knew. It was already dark and there were, not one, but three, (race), men in the van.

The men appeared frozen in time and I felt an immense presence beside me. It was a little like the presence in the churchyard (previous story about an apparent ‘guide’ manifesting), but bigger, and it was laughing at me. Whole hearted, bellowing laughter that I thought would wake the whole mountainside. The men inside still appeared frozen in time. The presence said ‘So, what are you going to do with this opportunity?’

My logical, rational mind listed things off. In the rational negative, it was dark. It was night. I did not hitch at night. There were three men in the van. I did not accept lifts with more than one other person. I thought ‘they are (race)’ and realised that was not rational, in any sense.

Then I listed the rational positives. I would make it back in time for dinner. I would not be out on a dark lonely road on my own, at night.

The being was still beside me, patiently enjoying my indecision. I was a little annoyed with him. I felt like he thought it was so funny, that he was just so clever to put me into this predicament, and then sit back and watch me squirm.

When people say they trust in God, or ‘Thy will, not my will, be done’, do they really know what it is they are saying? When they ask for things, do they then take responsibility for the asking?

This was the real choice I had. I realised very little of my dilemma had to do with the men being (race). I weighed up that I had asked for the opportunity to find (race) people that I liked, to learn that I could trust them and not discriminate. In the presence of the being, I felt safe – if I trusted it.

On a rational level, I argued that I was hungry, and scared of being out on that road alone. But, on a deeper level, I knew I was taking a leap of faith.

I accepted their offer and time started up again. The three men were animated and friendly. One of them had studied in (my birth town) and somehow it made everything right. They were travelling around Australia. They were spending the night at the Caves. They were respectful and I was thrilled to have met them. They would not know that my thanks were for so much more than the lift. They gave me heart. I would never have to say I didn’t like (race) again. I liked them a lot. They were a lot like my brother’s friends and we laughed and talked all the way to the Caves.

I slept so much easier that night. I felt I had conquered a big irrational horrible part of me. I also was still a little mad at the ‘being’ for being quite so clever. But, I knew it was a perfect scenario to make me take that leap of faith.

I was working the next morning and was looking forward to the three men coming in for breakfast so I could thank them again. Every time the door to the restaurant opened, I turned, expecting to see them. As the time wore on I worried they were going to miss breakfast. I went to reception to ask if they had seen the three men and whether they might need to be woken for breakfast. The receptionist said ‘What three men?’ I had her check the guest register. No one of their descriptions – three, young, males, had booked in the night before.

I ran to the guest car park to look for the van. It wasn’t there. I was confused. I never found out who they were or where they went. I was grateful though, they taught me a lot about discrimination, trust and the mysteries that we are unlikely to explain in this lifetime.

The whole experience also taught me how to recognise irrational discrimination, and be aware of not creating a bed for it to grow in. It also taught me something about fear of fear itself being a mighty power, but that can be overcome with faith.
I wrote this extract before I'd read PON or ANE, but much of what is written for me has harmony in and with ET's 'pointers'. And I had the experience before the nde, before so much more growth that I've accepted I asked to experience, in some form or another.

Re: An Example of the Law of Attraction at Work

Posted: Mon Jul 04, 2011 10:37 am
by snowheight
Wow 'jen that is an amazing story, and very well presented -- really held the attention. I get this sense of the life you led from it which is really wild.
smiileyjen101 wrote:When people say they trust in God, or ‘Thy will, not my will, be done’, do they really know what it is they are saying? When they ask for things, do they then take responsibility for the asking?
That is a question which is dead-on with respect to the consideration of the LoA, and the story in which it appears provides an incredibly deep context and very poignant implied answer.

Re: An Example of the Law of Attraction at Work

Posted: Fri May 11, 2012 12:39 am
by smiileyjen101
How's Lolo doing Snowy? Is he mellowing into maturity, or still playing with the squirrels & falling into his next adventure?

In re-reading this thread in light of the 'mis-take' some are having about the solely materialistic nature or at least the focus on it in other LOA threads I re-noticed your mention about how parents might apply LOA in the 'opportunities' their children might present to them.

We have a wink and a smile notion in my families of a thing we heard Bill Cosby say...
"The mother's curse works. One day you will have a child just like you."

I'd agree animals and others can fulfil that role too.
smiileyjen101 wrote:
When people say they trust in God, or ‘Thy will, not my will, be done’, do they really know what it is they are saying? When they ask for things, do they then take responsibility for the asking?

Snowheight said: That is a question which is dead-on with respect to the consideration of the LoA
The 'calibre' of the energy surrounding a question, a thought, a desire, a judgement can be so 'dense' as to form into matter of experience.

The ones that I 'notice' are not the empty - I wish I could (but I really have no linking desire or intention) be rich and famous, win the lottery etc etc

They are the ones that will move our soul to a higher level of awareness. For me now there is almost a 'ringing of the bells' recognition of the energy at work as soon as it's expressed - sometimes I 'catch myself' and say with great joy and enthusiasm "Only kidding ... don't REALLY need to experience that to understand it, I can read a book, watch a movie or something...'

The other thing that maybe is not really understood is the power of the 'negative' attraction being the same to the universe as 'positive attraction'.

For me judging others with a strength of feeling becomes a sort of karmic record of something you want to understand, to alleviate the ignorance of separation - I think this is an energy in motion along the lines of 'judge not lest you be judged by the same measure' that I saw in more clarity in the light.

The examples of this I guess is what brings us to maturity having spent time in the experience of those whom we have judged, but often the perfection of the lining up of energies is so subtle maybe folks don't recognise it.

Those who do recognise it seem to learn to be more open-minded, it's a cause and effect energy that is worthy of high respect and regard and attention.

Re: An Example of the Law of Attraction at Work

Posted: Fri May 11, 2012 2:55 pm
by heidi
My cat does the 2-day disappear every now and then, and usually in the springtime. One time she came back with a bent tail; must have had a close encounter with a garage door or something...

I have dodged a few major bullets - one missle in particular could have impacted my life forever in a way that I would not have wished, and whenever I think of those serendipitous blessings, I am so grateful. I was being watched over, there is no doubt. :)

Re: An Example of the Law of Attraction at Work

Posted: Fri May 11, 2012 3:22 pm
by heidi
Another example: sometimes people have to lose what they think is everything in order to truly understand what they have. A man (who is extremely intelligent, talented, creative, handsome and has a wonderful big juicy ego attached to his power and work - money is food, after all) has had a fairly large company that builds huge things. He has been doing it for 30 years, but went really big around 15 years ago. It was all wonderful when the economy was "good" and he accumulated a lot of stuff; kids went to great private schools... His business became very complicated. His burdens became very heavy. His knees got bad. Over the past 3 years or so, he said over and over to people who were unwittingly sabotaging his jobs, "You're gonna put me out of business." He resisted and resisted the message that he kept delivering to the universe and the universe kept delivering back to him. And guess what's happening on this very day? The bigger they are; the harder they fall. As crazy as it might sound; the idea of streamlining all of the stuff, both material and metaphysical is looking like a wonderful, liberating adventure arising. :D

Re: An Example of the Law of Attraction at Work

Posted: Sat May 12, 2012 2:17 am
by smiileyjen101
It's interesting isn't it Heidi every wave breaks and flows back into the ocean, those who ride the crest of the wave sometimes forget this, in surfing terms it's 'getting dumped', in history it's called the rise and fall of civilizations.

Do you remember that song Cats in the Cradle (funny how it links both the species and the notions of what begets what isn't it.

I saw a snippet on a third generational materialism / power dynasty as endowed on a son of privilege and I could only feel 'sad' for him. He is so far away from reality, so imbued in suffering and creating it, profiting from it, and he was laughing almost maniacally as he's on the brink of doing more of the same but in his own right this time, he looked totally deluded, polluted and insane, and a grotesque caricature of his father and grandfather. I wonder if this is what they intended to leave as their legacy for him, given that both of them were sadly aware of the real human cost of it, but they were too invested by the time they realised it.

It made me think of what it is we create in 'inheritance' and 'legacy'. Over the years I've seen so many who even if their intentions in providing a better start, a better life, for their children traded too much of their love, their time, their integrity, for the material 'start', whereas their children would likely have appreciated their love, their time, their integrity, their wisdom and their humanness, far more than the material that in some cases became the millstone around the neck of the children, from their perspective.

We are a curious species.

Re: An Example of the Law of Attraction at Work

Posted: Sat May 12, 2012 7:38 pm
by heidi
We are a curious species.
Indeed! :lol:

How does that saying go, "Pity the one who has it all..."

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Posted: Sat Dec 22, 2012 3:06 am
by Pennee101
I want to post a reply about one of my cats. I have had animals all my life. I have no human babies, just fur babies. As of September of 2 years ago my last dog died and I was completely alone. I did adopt an elderly dog to live out his twilight years with me but he very much did not want to be cuddled, only petted. So I remember praying to God to send me something that I could cuddle with.

So I don't remember when it was but a short time later I was driving around my neighborhood and there was this little cat, (actually a kitten) just laying in the middle of the road. I blinked my lights and moved my car up and still he did not move. So I put the car and in park and got out to see if there was something wrong with him. Well not sooner did I get out of the car that he rose from the dead and trotted over to me. I leaned down and picked him up and he started purring and seemed so happy to be in someone's arms. I checked around and found out that there were a lot of stray kittens around that area. So I figured this one was just determined to find a home and laying in the middle of the street was how he was going to do it.

So I took him home and got him medical treatment and named him Harry. He is so affectionate. I swear there are nights were I wake up on my back with my arm out to the side and he has his head resting on my shoulder. Of course there are other nights when he thinks there is not enough food for him so he comes in and pulls my hair until I get up and put more food out for him.

Now I have come to realize that one of Harry's job is to tell me when I need to take a break and just "be". I have since adopted 2 dogs and they are content to sit next to me but Harry wants more attention so I need to stop what I am doing and give all my attention to him. Which I have decided is a good thing because I can get too involved in doing that I forget to take time to practice breathing and just creating space and being.

So I think Harry manifested himself into my life. Or I manifested him. Or whatever. He came when I needed him. And he gives me what I need and I hope I do the same for him.

Re: An Example of the Law of Attraction at Work

Posted: Sat Dec 22, 2012 3:30 am
by snowheight
Pennee101 wrote:So I figured this one was just determined to find a home and laying in the middle of the street was how he was going to do it.
Thank you for that beautiful share.

I see you recently found this place. It is a wonderful resource.

Best Wishes,


Re: An Example of the Law of Attraction at Work

Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2013 2:57 am
by smiileyjen101
This example is so funny it's ridiculous.

Being an experiential sort of person, and while liking a lot of what I've seen/read from Abraham>Esther Hicks, still having an irk-itch about the 'Secret' treatment about loa, and its application in terms of financial gains etc.

I have deeply pondered the authenticity of the delivery - where Esther ends and Abraham begins.

It's a thing I know I must be in the energy of to fully feel/experience and evaluate freely, for it to really sink in, to 'test' agin my own vibrational frequency and in some ways speak to me directly.

At the same time I am extremely aware of the universe at work on some really sticky and deeply ingrained 'stuff' I've questioned all my life about commercialism and consumerism, and is surfacing as if a one way street lately. In some ways Esther Hicks and the whole Abraham 'show' personify the 'niggle'.

So, who's coming to do a seminar an hour's drive from my home and says they are coming because they need to 'feel' the resonant questions in order to be 'co-creating at its best' with those in my area whose energy is 'already felt' in terms of the 'momentum' Abraham has been talking about lately?
On 'Harmony Day'
A couple of days before my birthday (so I could justify buying myself a birthday present)

Yup... Abraham-Hicks.

Just feels to me like the universe is really pulling out the 'big guns' now. :wink:

Has anyone else been to a seminar?

They say they need to hear and feel the questions 'live' and I do understand that in my being.

What questions would you ask of them given the chance?