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Re: Adiction

Post by Onceler » Sun Sep 07, 2014 4:19 pm

Phil2 wrote:
Onceler wrote:Research shows that the younger the brain, the more adaptive it is to behavior and, at 13, the brain adapts vigorously to the habit of smoking and to the chemical/neurological pathways laid down (neuroplasticity). The earlier these habits are started the "better" the brain adapts to them, whether it's smoking, alcohol (at 13, Jack London drank adult fisherman under the table in Alaska) child soldiering, or positive experiences like sports, playing the violin, etc.
Maybe so, but there is much more in addictions than just a habit engraved in the brain ... there is something very deep, something buried in the unconscious, repressed by our 'defense system' ...

Addictions are an avoidance of pain, all addictions are techniques to escape the necessity to face those pains ... either by stupefying us (like alcohol or drugs) or by distracting us (like cigarettes or ritual obsessions) ...

So we have to find the deep root and cause of all addictions to get rid of them once for all ...
Of course, you're spot on. I am pointing out that there might be an additional neurological process stemming from the age he started smoking that makes quitting particularily thorny.
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Re: Adiction

Post by blissrunn14 » Sat Feb 14, 2015 1:35 am

I smoke and like you outside of that I live a very healthy lifestyle...mostly raw vegan food when able, love to work out etc... but can't stop smoking. I've noticed I get the urge to smoke when I feel anxiety like if someone or something upsets me, in the morning when I know I have to go out and face the day, if I'm worried about something I get the urge to smoke. The few time's I've quit I don't have physical withdrawal symptoms it's all in my head. My head tells me I need a cigarette, I have to have it etc... I've noticed it's all in my head. I know people say it's also a physical addiction, but through my close observation I haven't found this to be true. I hate the smell of cigarettes and wash my hands raw after having one and hate the taste so I have to drink coffee or juice with my cigs and I hate what it does to my allergies, but I can't quit. I've given up trying to quit and hope it falls away as I learn to manage my anxiety. I also noticed the couple of times I "woke up" the desire to smoke just completely disappeared I was in awe. I'm not sure if age has anything to do with it, I started smoking in my late/mid 20's (dumb). In general smoking calms me down and gives me a brief break from feeling like crap and when I force myself to quit all of the anxiety it helps alleviate a little comes flooding back in all at once.

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