Consciousness/NDE study

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Consciousness/NDE study

Post by Enlightened2B » Mon Dec 01, 2014 9:43 pm

Thought I'd share this. I get a newsletter through email from Nanci Danison every so often and she sent this article today pertaining to Awareness in NDE studies.

Check out the link to the article/case study she posted. I highly recommend it.
Multi-physician Report on Awareness After Death

A veritable dream team of physicians and researchers in the United States and United Kingdom have released the results of their 4-year study of awareness after death among 140 patients who survived cardiac arrest. The patients all lacked heartbeat and had stopped breathing before they were resuscitated.

The physician team concluded that awareness was indeed possible after clinical death and could include fearful and persecutory experiences, seeing plants and animals, seeing a bright light, seeing family, déjà vu experiences, and the ability to recall events that occurred while the patient was believed dead. Naturally, the physicians offer no explanation for these experiences. They found it "perplexing" that someone would have active mental processes and the ability to accurately describe resuscitation efforts "within a model that assumes a causative relationship between cortical activity and consciousness." Is it possible that at least these physicians are beginning to see the Light about consciousness existing separate and apart from brain function? Will other physicians follow?

Nine percent of the patients in the study had portions of the classic NDE, based on the Greyson NDE Scale, which I find woefully incomplete. Personally, I would add to the NDE category the patients who saw plants, animals, a bright light or family members. The déjà vu experiences might be memories of a life review. So I would include those patients in the NDE category as well as the ones who had hellish-type experiences.

The medical study disavows the belief that visual events after death are hallucinations or illusions. Some of the patients reported seeing their own resuscitation, the accuracy of which could be verified by medical personnel in attendance. Others proved their thought processes, reasoning and memory formation continued although they were medically brain-dead.

I highly recommend the article, published in the medical journal Resuscitation in September 2014.

Thank you so much for being open to the messages I returned from the afterlife to share.


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Re: Consciousness/NDE study

Post by Webwanderer » Mon Dec 01, 2014 11:44 pm

Thanks for the link E2B. I saw this report back in Oct from another source. Good stuff.


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Re: Consciousness/NDE study

Post by epiphany55 » Fri Dec 19, 2014 1:07 am

This is interesting.

There is one thing on which I haven't been able to find a clear answer, regarding the connection between the time of clinical death and the memory of the NDE.

How can we pinpoint the moment from which the memory of the experience is derived? It seems to be assumed that the memory corresponds to the moments following clinical death and before resuscitation. This is yet another complication that needs to be addressed. When someone recalls a memory, the memory itself does not tell them the time at which those memories were created. Add to that the ability for the mind to distort the concept of time itself and we have yet more complications.

There is also the question of medical grade equipment being sufficient enough to regard a patient "clinically dead", yet that definition might change completely with the development of more sensitive monitoring technology. Does clinically dead just relate to the heart and respiration in this context?
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