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Claustrophobia of my Soul

Posted: Thu Nov 26, 2015 1:14 pm
by Mystic
I had an unusual dream. In this dream, I was a being that was inside of a metallic type of machine. This machine had control knobs, a radio and and something like a television screen or monitor. I was only able to communicate with other people by the radio and the TV screen. There was much static and the communication was difficult.

It was very cramped and confined inside the machine. I kept looking for a way out of it. It was getting increasingly more cramped and uncomfortable. I was starting to feel very claustrophobic. Eventually, I discovered an escape hatch, or door. When I got outside the machine, I could see clearly that I was in an industrial warehouse that was filled with many machines and each one probably contained a person inside of it. Each machine looked a little different from the others. Some of them resembled space capsules and others looked like industrial box containers. some appeared to be triangular pods with a rounded pyramid shape. All of these machines were immobile and bolted to the floor. They had no ability to move outside of themselves.

Then for some reason I remembered that I had an important job to do inside of my machine. I tried to re-enter it but I could no longer fit inside, I was too big because I had grown larger. Perhaps the machines represent the physicality and materialism of the body and brain. A spiritual being is planted as a seed inside of an egg or cocoon( physicality) and then as this divine spark of life grows, matures, and develops the Christ consciousness, the being will go through a spiritual metamorphosis, then like a baby bird the spirit being - the soul, hatches from the egg and can fly into heaven. Physical death could then be described as a birth in some respects. Maybe we each have talents and gifts to develop while existing in physical space and time, and by sharing our talents and letting our light shine, we can help other beings to also grow and develop, then hatch out of this physical existence together.

I remember praying to Jesus and asking Him to teach me all of the technical details of heaven and existence. I was hoping that He could give me an out of body experience then I could meet him and communicate directly as ethereal, or celestial beings. But now I know why that did not happen. If it did occur, I would probably not be able to return to my physical body any more. This dream was very helpful to me and it answered many questions. Now I can see that it is kind of silly for people to desire physical immortality. Such a desire would be like desiring to spend eternity in a cramped container.

Re: Claustrophobia of my Soul

Posted: Fri Nov 27, 2015 1:31 am
by smiileyjen101
:D interesting musings Mystic.

Have you read accounts of ndes? some of the things in your dream are kind of 'classic' learning from that state of awareness. I myself complained that I no longer fit into my body on re-entry and the awareness of 'energy leaking' is kind of palpable.
Anita Moorjani described the awareness in terms of the warehouse -
I am finding out that there are things I now feel I "know" or "understand", which I never did before. The best example I can think of is:

imagine there is a huge warehouse, which is dark, and you live in this warehouse with one flashlight. Everything you know about this warehouse is seen through the light of this one small flashlight. Whenever you want to look for something, you may or may not find it, but it does not mean the thing does not exist. It is there, but you just haven't flashed your light on it. You can only see what your light is focused on. Then one day, someone flicks on a light switch, and for the first time, you can see the whole warehouse.

The vastness of it is almost overwhelming, you can't see all the way to the end, and you know there is more than what you can see. But you do see how all the products are lined up on all the shelves, and you notice just how many different things there are in the warehouse which you never noticed, never even conceived having existed, yet they do, simultaneously with the things you know existed (those are the things your flashlight had been able to find). Then, even when the light switch goes back off, nothing can take away the understanding and clarity of your experience. Even though you are back to one flash light, you now know how to look for things. You know what is possible, and you even know what to look for. You start viewing things differently, and it is from this new springboard that your experiences start to happen. And so I find that in my daily life, I am referring referring to different aspects of my experience at different times, and I am understanding things in a different way, and knowing things I did not know I knew.

I saw all people as "energy", and depending where our energy level was, that was the world we created for ourselves. The understanding I gained from this was that if cancer was not in our "energy", then it was not in our reality. If feeling good about ourselves was in our energy, then our reality would be positive. If cancer was in our energy, then even if we eradicated it with modern medicine, it would soon come back. But if we cleared it from our energy, the physical body would soon follow. None of us are as "real" or physical as we think we are. From what I saw, it looked like we are energy first, and physical is only a result of expressing our energy. And we can change our physical reality if we change our energy. (Some people have mentioned I use the term "Vibration"). For me, personally, I was made to feel that in order to keep my energy/vibration level up, I only had to live in the moment, enjoy every moment of life, and use each moment to elevate the next moment (which then elevates my future). It is in that moment of elevating your energy level that you can change your future (like my test results). It sounds very simplistic, but it felt very deep when I was experiencing the understanding of it.
more here - ... 's_nde.htm
More importantly for me, is the absolute recognition of the gift of human life - all physical life really, not just human - if you think you're cramped!!!
Then for some reason I remembered that I had an important job to do inside of my machine. I tried to re-enter it but I could no longer fit inside, I was too big because I had grown larger. Perhaps the machines represent the physicality and materialism of the body and brain.
So now you are a) back in your body awareness + still have this 'greater than' awareness - now what?


Re: Claustrophobia of my Soul

Posted: Sat Nov 28, 2015 8:26 am
by Mystic
smiileyjen101 wrote: So now you are a) back in your body awareness + still have this 'greater than' awareness - now what?
Hello smileyjen :)

I just had another dream. In this dream, I was inside of a dark cave or tomb. Inside this cave was a square room made of grey concrete blocks. This room made of blocks had a square pool on the floor that was also made of concrete blocks and filled with water. I stepped into the pool of water and knelt forward, like I was praying and fully immersed my body into the water. Then I got up and walked out of the cave of darkness into the sunlight of day.

Temporal existence in space and time is what we call the concrete world of forms. It is fleeting and temporary. It is darkness. We are born of water into the concrete world, then we step out of the water into the light of eternity. Prayer is communicating with God or Source.