Horse Dream

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Horse Dream

Post by Mystic » Sat Jan 30, 2016 9:39 pm

In a dream I was riding a horse with some other people who were also on horses. This was a universe, or a future, where the oil must have had run out and there was no longer any fuel for cars to drive.

As we were sitting on our horses waiting at a traffic light we saw a person walking along the other side of the road road toward us and they were carrying a big bundle of hay, then they stopped and called their own horse to come and eat some of the hay. The person's stray horse came over to our group first and it seemed that all the horses could communicate telepathically.

We rode on to a big field full of animals and cows and horses. We stopped in the shade to feed our horses some extra hay that we had. Other horses came over and our horses were communicating with them telepathically and our horses wanted to share the hay with the other horses.

In the dream I also met a person who had "died" almost 20 years ago but they were young and completely healthy with a full head of hair. They were not old like I remember them being physically.

Riding the hoses felt completely real in this dream. It felt like the animal was alive and the sensations and the smells of the galloping and trotting horse felt just like in waking life...

I think it(the horse dream) possibly means that humans may soon reach a place or point in time where they realize they must live in harmony with nature and will begin to dismantle the many destructive technologies and infrastructure that has harmed the natural world and the plants and animals...

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