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Has hearing about the life review changed you in any way?

Posted: Thu Jun 01, 2017 2:57 am
by steve Davidson
I would like to ask others who have read about NDEs, if they have found reading about the life review and how we will see and feel the effects of all of our actions on others, at death, if it has changed how you behave at all, now? Do you think twice before you do something harmful or lie etc? Are you leading a more moral life because of this knowledge?

I have read many accounts by people who have not had a NDE and they say just reading about this aspect of the NDE has changed their lives for the better, for the positive. They are kinder and better people. And more loving and compassionate.

I have to admit, honestly, I am probably one of the few believers in NDEs who has read all of this and yet my actions are still the same, I really have not changed much from reading all this material. I am a pretty decent person overall, but still do some things I know i shouldnt. I would be most interested in hearing from others if knowing about the life review has helped them in any way reading about this or if it is just intellectual knowledge without much change either in their behavior and lives?

Re: Has hearing about the life review changed you in any way

Posted: Thu Jun 01, 2017 6:38 pm
by Webwanderer
You ask great questions Steve. The exemplification of a genuine search for clarity.

One of the main benefits for me has been to understand that in the life review there is no judgment. It seems to be specifically for informational purposes as one gets to experience all sides of an event one had participated in. So what? Well, I find that it removes the consciousness limiting guilt of life experiences I engaged in and wish I hadn't.

It becomes not so much about the type of acts we engage in, but the value of the experience of those acts. Then the context of life changes in a way that can free us from guilt and fear - at least when it comes to the ramifications of the greater reality.

Even when it comes to the burdens of the negative acts we carry with us while here, knowing that it is about learning from life experience, and not some imaginary eternal judgment, helps us be inclusive of those experiences rather than self-deprecating and resistant. It actually opens the door to appreciate events in our lives that before may have been walled off and avoided.

All that said, we still have a lifetime of conditioning; and that conditioning will still drive our relationships with life until we replace it with something else - maybe something we prefer.


Re: Has hearing about the life review changed you in any way

Posted: Thu Jun 01, 2017 7:07 pm
by steve Davidson
Yes, from what I read, the life review is not about "judgement" so we can throw that out, it is about learning and gaining information to better understand our actions and those of others. It is a learning tool. Thanks for reminding me what it is about and even if there is negative acts we engaged in, to focus on the learning aspect of it. It is here to help us, not to judge us or find us guilty. So use this tool with love and understanding, not judgement.