Life Itself, and the Universal Organism

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Life Itself, and the Universal Organism

Post by Relinquish85 » Thu Jul 06, 2017 2:04 am

In truth, the presence of Reality Itself is inherently beginningless, endless and edgeless.

If this were not the case, the 'irreducible edgeless absence' beyond it's edge, the 'irreducible beginningless absence' before it's beginning and the 'irreducible endless absence' after it's end would be just as PRESENT and REAL as the presence of Reality Itself.

Likewise, if the pure presence of Reality Itself were ABSOLUTELY absent, the 'irreducible absolute absence' that would therefore remain would be just as PURE, PRESENT and REAL as the pure presence of Reality Itself.

In this way, the pure presence of Reality Itself EQUALS the absolute absence of Reality Itself, and as such, can have no ACTUAL beginning, ending or edge.

It simply IS.

Occuring against this causeless 'infinite background presence' is the eternally cyclic 'finite foreground process' (commonly known as 'the universe').

The absolute asymmetry of the universe is naturally derived from the fact that it is the inseperable opposite of the perfectly symmetrical presence that is the infinite background.

Because the 'perfect symmetry' of the background is naturally devoid of structure, and is therefore devoid of coherence, the 'absolute asymmetry' of the foreground is naturally coherent, and is therefore structured. It's characteristic 'fractal' structure is the simplest (and therefore, only) possible structure that the 'coherent foreground' can have. This is the fundamental reason why the universe is the way that it is.

ALL apparent 'things' and 'events' are as they are simply because they are all 'features' of this one eternally cyclic, dynamic fractal asymmetry.

Evidently, there are (at least for the moment) certain 'organic' features of the universe that are conscious of themselves and of their surroundings, just as there are certain 'inorganic' features of the universe that are NOT conscious of themselves or of their surroundings. This basic fact indicates that the universe is actually a (or rather, THE) Living Organism, naturally possessing a countless number of 'nerve ends' at all the appropriate points of it's 'body' (which are commonly known as 'life forms').

This, in turn, indicates that the infinite background is actually none other than Life Itself.

Some of the nerve ends of the Universal Organism are of such an extreme level of physical complexity that they have the natural capacity to become 'hypnotized' by their surroundings. This hypnosis makes it SEEM to these extremely complex nerve ends (a.k.a. intelligent body/mind life-forms) that all the features of the Organism that can be perceived (including themselves) are in fact 'solely self-inclusive forms' (which is to say, that they are all fundamentally existing separate things that have their own independent nature), and that they themselves have their own personal consciousness and are the separate, autonomous originators of their own particular movements.

As such, the absolute harmony that naturally exists between all the features of the Organism (and therefore, the Organism itself) is impossible to be seen by these hypnotized nerve ends. In it's place is seen a situation that seems confusingly fragmented, hostile and threatening. Seeing this, the hypnotized nerve ends are bound to suffer.

But this harmony certainly IS Here and Now, outside of the hypnosis, ever-patiently awaiting 'our' realization of (and resting in) it.

In this resting, there can be no suffering...

Thanks very much for reading this.

Peace. :)

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