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Re: Beyond The Physical

Post by smiileyjen101 » Fri Jan 13, 2012 3:54 am

bless you snowy, I should really just learn to shut the heck up sometimes until I make sense of my own sensory overload., my own interpreting and translating the energies.

In the minutes between posts I've learned a dear, gorgeous lovely empathetic boy siloed and misunderstood under the guise of 'autistic' as having no empathy - when many of his 'abnormal' behaviours - his no sense of personal space of others sometimes, his walking through a shop and suddenly going over to hug someone / a stranger - usually someone who 'needed' a hug - even if they didn't understand his motivation for suddenly giving them one, his outbursts of frustration and anger when noise or energy levels were too high for his capacity ... were actually empathic (energy feeling) overload, not lack of empathy.
I know that the 'lack of empathy' in those labelled autistic 'may' be empathy overload/fatigue in the same way we are starting to understand compassion fatigue in the general population as after effects of multiple major disasters.
The so strong impulses to research where neurologists and neuro theories are up to in realising this flaw in their data and to once again maybe stick my head up and ask them 'what about.... ?'

My feelings of David's energy urging me on to express this the last few days, as he would when sharing my 'calm' states that I would adopt to accommodate him when in close proximity. His love for me, his child-like honesty, misunderstood by so many who had built up fences against him and his like because of the misinformation from the skewed data interpretation.

David passed away two days ago. He suffered 4 seizures and then his kidneys failed and he left his body, they ventilated him. On his wishes he was an organ donor. His Mum's just told me the day she left him in hospital she realised he was staying in this wracked with pain body for her, she told him not to do that on her account, in a sense giving him permission to leave.

And he did.

Six people, including a baby have gained new leases on life from his donation of his organs. All he ever wanted while here was for it to be okay to be him. In his chats with me he loved being with me because I never made him feel like it wasn't okay for him to be him. He was wicked of humour, really witty, if you took no offence (funny, there's that word again). He had an amazing intelligence that was discounted by professionals and a strength of will that made him look like a 'very naughty boy' at times. Some thought him arrogant, but they were wrong, he was vulnerable.

As I mentioned earlier, with the comings and goings through the veil in and out of 'the physical' energies shift and like a pebble dropped in a pond ...

Hugs you snowy, thank you, you make me feel okay to be me. David, it has been my immense pleasure to share some of your journey... but do I really have to explain it to those who don't want to listen?
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Re: Beyond The Physical

Post by snowheight » Fri Jan 13, 2012 8:31 am

Well 'jen ... kind of amazing that you have a place where you felt the urge to share this. Thanks for that, it was very moving.

We are all David.
Stop talking. Hear every sound as background. Look straight ahead and focus. Take one deep breath. This is you. This is Now.

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Re: Beyond The Physical

Post by smiileyjen101 » Sat Jan 14, 2012 2:40 am

Snowy said: kind of amazing that you have a place where you felt the urge to share this
Thanks Snowy, I may have skewed the width/depth of the 'place' for it, both in the forum and in this particular topic.
Webby in OP: This category of discussion is not intended to distract one from the essential principle of awakening and living consciously in clear presence. It is however, an opportunity to add to that presence awareness a sense of perspective that transcends a purely physical worldview. Knowing that one's experience in physical form is a temporary sojourn for some greater purpose, and that in spite of appearances through the lens of ego that the world is miserable place replete with cruel and selfish people, there is a legimate vision that makes sense of it all.
Webby used this ^ rationale for discussion on nde, but most don't experiemce that body of evidence, many more do experience empathic intuitions, to greater or lesser degrees, that for me, prove the same thing the beauty and magnificence of creation/love, all knowledge being available if we break down our fences (defences if you have to) and eternal life energy being a shared source that is knowable - in degrees relative to the lack of resistance to it. For me it too is the 'legitimate vision (or experience) that makes sense of it all'.

Consciousness - merely aware and awake - of it like all things relies on willingness, to let go of sense of separate self as the first distortion or insulator; learning to recognise - not blindly trust, but listen/see/feel your intuition and evaluate it in statistical / evidence based practice. like any 'thing' it can be learned. But again it relies firstly on willingness to 'die to yourself' in the sense of letting go of false notions/fears.

Learning to interpret and translate the energies into understanding - taking the stimuli of emotions and senses, recognising the direction and level of communicative energies and balancing them with the statistical / evidence based learning, sometimes takes a while to figure out.
Our rights start deep within our humanity; they end where another's begin~~ SmileyJen

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Re: Beyond The Physical

Post by samarpana » Thu Feb 07, 2013 5:37 am

beyond the physical: This may be a good place to post. As I sat listening to Ekhart Tolle, I made a short trip to a place where I looked down on my body. I seemed to be ( as space ), and disinterested in the normal sense; of the world. I felt free, and felt like the meaning of the world was not important, almost like the world was a bubble, with my body, and personality in the world, though I felt I was neither body not personality.
I write this remembering the day my father passed away.
I had no idea that day, that he passed, nor that he was ill in any way. \we hardly talked, though \i felt a deep connection with him , that he loved me. I surely love him.
As i was meditating, I saw him vividly. I saw his body fall. ( at this point I feel it necessary to say I believed he was a bit of an atheist, believing in a higher consciousness, though not in a God, nor life after death.

I saw his body fall, and then I saw him ; as a new body, jump up estactically out of his physical body as he looked astonished and surprised and he said, as he seemed surprised as heck! WOW! I'M STILL ALIVE!

Reminded me of the movie Ghost Dad. I just could not grieve his passing, he showed me his death! He was still alive" ringed in my ears for years, 23 years later, still!
Watch out atheists, we may still be responsible souls, even after we shed this body.

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