Dalai Lama/Spritual Teachers money/possessions

Is he enlightened? Why does he charge so much money? Does he have an ego? All these unimportant issues and more =)
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Re: Dalai Lama/Spritual Teachers money/possessions

Post by powerbowler » Wed Oct 05, 2011 4:18 pm

Eckhart Tolle wrote an inspiring book [ The Power of Now ] , that book made a great impact on many people .
He was blessed with a great insight and felt the need to write down what he had discovered , which became the Power of Now.
That book helped thousands if not millions of people to rediscover their own spirituality,its impact is still reverberating its message fourteen years after being published .
It is that inspired book that will live on way past the life of ET no matter what human frailitys the man may or may not have. And yes that discovery he made was a rediscovery , ancient truths which he was able to explain as clearly as he could to people living in this age.
If Eckhart Tolle was in jail now for fraud or whatever [ god forbid ] his book The Power of Now would still be an inspired masterpiece.
It is the message of the book that awoke us, not the man.

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