Anger - can we 'tune' consciousness?

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Guy Struggles
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Anger - can we 'tune' consciousness?

Post by Guy Struggles » Thu Aug 29, 2019 3:41 am

After having somewhat of a relapse last week (anger got the better of me/had an outburst) I can see that I have been given a very clear message that I have further to go on my spiritual path. Possibly the only reason I've had said outburst is that my situation has changed in that I have much more time on my own where both work and home are concerned. I have a somewhat minimal amount of interaction via both family and customer liaison, thus I think I'd falsely imagined I was 'past' or 'over' the pull of anger. Ltd time with people works for me as have always been much more an introvert than extrovert. I am FAR more prone to having an outburst when working in a 'team' situation, certainly as time goes on and I begin to better see the agendas, manipulation, favouritism, differing opinions (etc) that others have. Alas a situation came up between my partner and I despite my better suited situation of being around too many people for too long. In this case I allowed her to push me, but this time 'over the edge' as they say. (she is for more a 'taker' than a 'giver'. always has been, always will be).
I try not to hold it against her as despite the fact that she does 'study' ET's word, she definitely doesn't 'get it' IYKWIM.

My level of study and understanding has brought me to a much higher level of consciousness, of this there is no doubt. The point is due to my disappointment of seeing that I could 'lose it' after so much studying and indeed *real* comprehension of consciousness the message again is clear... I need more work, a better plan or 'strategy'. Thus I have been reviewing my understanding specifically where anger is concerned. My question is... I'm wondering if consciousness can be 'tuned', in my case to raise my attention to be more sensitive via consiousness (radar like) to recognise an impending 'anger' episode. I'm wondering if consciousness be can 'tuned' in this way if I might finally cut the 'cable like' sinews of residual anger that can and will see me blowing a fuse.

Like many others have done, I've been able to review times in my life where deep and exuberant anger episodes occurred so focusing on these matters and allowing the anger to be seen, and to a larger degree dealt with and dissolved has surely helped. I've come quite a long way thankfully. So now is where I need to be in reducing and/or completely eradicating my tendency to randomly have an outburst if only once or twice a year. I have another 'opportunity' to improve!

So again, am I onto something here? Can one *tune* consciousness to suit a given weakness or susceptibility such as anger?

TIA, Guy.

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Re: Anger - can we 'tune' consciousness?

Post by tchest77 » Fri Aug 30, 2019 8:01 am

Wow Guy, I like your attitude that this is an opportunity! Your recent outburst resonates deeply with me cause I actually have yelled with anger at my girlfriend of 5 years just a few hours ago, lol. I laugh cause, I accept it, not coming from a proud place or undermining that it's ok, but just made me laugh cause I get it and it happens.

I think what this is all about is accepting we are human, we have the ability to understand who we are and understand that we are not perfect and never will be; to me being perfect means just trying to be yourself and be open and try for continuous growth. This is what it looks like you're doing, but if you find you're being to hard on yourself, then stop. If you're understanding that you messed up, and just want to improve and are willing to fail again and again and will just try to grow through that then good.

To tell someone how to deal with their anger is difficult cause no one really knows the intricacies of another, such as their state of physical health and mental well-being. It's like telling someone with a diagnosed anxiety disorder, or someone who has a debilitating disease how they should deal and be more present, not going to work unless you're a robot. But obviously, with the correct treatment plan and support, then perhaps things could be manageable and eradicated. To say this, I am realizing that one must just be and hopefully with the right circumstances of support they can grow.

Enough about me, I rambled, so just some advice now. I find that when I'm going to yell or if I get frustrated this is me getting defensive, hello ego... speak up. But, I'm coming to an understanding that there is a time and a place, most of the time completely unnecessary to let ego win, but there are circumstances that you need to. I do not want this to be influential in any way considering your time and effort you have spent managing it, hopefully in a healthy way, but to me I have come to a set of boundaries I have agreed upon with myself that anger will be, I will allow, but I will not be anger. Sounds crazy, but the gist is, if it is debilitating to control it, maybe there can be times it is needed with control and direction, however manage it in a healthy way, but if you're surperessing it, that is not healthy at all.

To answer your concern about tuning into consciousness to avoid an outburst. In my experience, I find that I am most free when I let others be free. Meaning, once you realize you feel angry, realize that you are not letting others feel angry. If you are to allow them to just be, then you will just be. Easier said than done, and sounds like a Jedi mind trick, but the point is, once you feel defensive you know Mr. Ego has been hurt and really is just trying to survive in an effort to protect you. But, this is what she is feeling as well. You are both in the exact emotional state of mind at the exact moment, could be a loose loose for all. Who's gonna win? This is what it is all about, letting this moment be, this is consciousness, not making it about you, but realize if you suppress anger then it is still very much about you or if you ignore it, same thing, anger needs to be valued, understood, accepted not repressed. Consider and ailment resulting from not becoming the owner of anger, and by dismissing it, it still owns, that why letting it go on others feels so good cause anger hurts so bad; but being in consciousness anger looses or can have a much easier time loosing.

There is no short cut, but, the better you realize your anger is completely about you. You need to dig deep and find out why you're so angry. The obvious is that she pissed you off. Been there, done that, I get it. Accept it, it happens, but you want growth so that's awesome, and that's the awareness. Being aware to how you feel, this will enable you to observe it. To "tune" into consciousness, you need to feel the anger. It sucks, it's painful, but it's not called anger for fun, it's angry! But, the less you understand it the more it will be you. So, consciousness in these moments isn't achieved by trying to become anything, it is trying to listen to your feelings but being in charge of them, not them running our lives. The more you can be uncomfortable the more you will become comfortable and just BE. Kinda like the pilot of a plane flying through a storm, or a hurricane depending on the anger. You're the pilot, it's up to how you fly (thoughts) through the storm (emotions), in order to be successful. And the more you fly the better skilled you will BEcome.

All this may sound fine, or maybe it doesn't, it is irrelevant regardless; if you haven't accepted anger as being a part of you, identifying why it exists (and saying someone made you feel that way is not the answer), and then realizing when someone else is angry we need to allow them to be, not enable; however if healthy boundaries are crossed then this needs to be revisited at a better moment to view how to be better with this emotion.

Maybe the anger is coming from a feeling of inadequacy and if someone is making you feel bad then maybe you feel you're not good enough of a person, and ego comes to comfort. Maybe anger is coming from repressed memories of an unstable upbringing, and arguments trigger this emotion, oh hello ego, thank you for taking care of me. Find out your reasons, and they could be different, grow with it, identify it, ahhhh... maybe that's why I'm so angry, or maybe it's simple, you repress it but it needs to be met so you never really accepted it.

Consciousness isn't something you can really tune into, or to me I don't think you can. For me, it's just being aware of who you are but not allowing your ego to get the best of you or get reinforced to be whatever it wants whenever it wants, and you can manage it in a healthy way and embrace it. Yes, you can get lost in your own consciousness, or someone could say to tune into your consciousness, but I think what they are saying is to just be aware of the moment, realize the moment isn't about you (the ego), and just be yourself. Pure joy, happiness, and peace will come once this is achieved, or could, everyone is different, but you should be happier if you keep growing into a person you understand more and more.

The ego can't be affected or will have a much harder time, if you embrace your self even if it hurts, meaning find out who you are even if you have to say you hate things or don't like things about yourself, so be honest and open with yourself. Then understand where the pain comes from, and allow others to just be as they deserve to exist, and realize someone elses pain is completely about them just as much so your pain is completely about you.

Wishing you the best.

Take care!

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Re: Anger - can we 'tune' consciousness?

Post by Webwanderer » Fri Aug 30, 2019 2:36 pm

Guy Struggles wrote:
Thu Aug 29, 2019 3:41 am
So again, am I onto something here? Can one *tune* consciousness to suit a given weakness or susceptibility such as anger?
Anger outburst such as you describe, and most of us can relate to, are related to subconscious issues. They seem to lie there and wait until a mental/emotional button gets pushed and out it comes. I like your question about tuning. The tuning you refer to is a tuning of the subconscious to respond in a different, more conscious way.

So explore this: Begin to imagine on a regular basis how you would prefer to respond when anger arises. To the degree you can condition your subconscious to quickly move from anger to something more amenable to the situation you can de-energize the outbursts before they get all runaway on you. In other words get in front of it while you are conscious and at peace to program/link a response that works for you.


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Re: Anger - can we 'tune' consciousness?

Post by smiileyjen101 » Sat Aug 31, 2019 6:42 am

Interesting topic and question guy struggles.

On anger, my favourite understanding and explanation of it comes from Dr Elisabeth Kubler-Ross' work on natural emotions (mostly in Death is of Vital Importance).
She says, natural anger is the intuition and displeasing sensation that arise in response to something you don't want.
She says, natural anger lasts just 15 seconds - long enough to 'tune in' and interpret this sensing, identify what it is you don't want, and say, no thank you.

Now consciousness, in ET speak is being in states of either acceptance - it is what it is, and this is what is required of me in this moment, the second and third from that state are to pour joy into the moment, and enthusiasm is basically being aware of the unconscious not of this moment influences.
Unconsciousness, in ET speak is making an enemy, an obstacle, or a means to an end of a thing, person or situation. He says, if you look around you will notice when you're in these states you are creating unnecessary suffering for your self and for those around you.

So, if you combine these two notions, when you notice the sensation of anger arising - you can either accept that maybe things are not as you would choose and direct, but, seeing as we are not CEO of the universe, we can let go of the need to have power over, anything or anyone. We can breathe out the arising tension, honour those 15 seconds, and literally, calmly, respectfully express our no thank you.

Ego however, in making an enemy, obstacle or means to an end of a thing, person or situation would feel the need to 'win', to 'conquer', to be 'right'. If you power the arising sensation of no thank you with ego, it distorts the original message, then it is no longer natural anger, now we hold onto it and we fuel it into rage (angry power unleashed, uncontrolled, unconscious to its impact), we stew it into revenge, victim-hood, taking and then naturally creating 'offence' in a distortion of 'defensive' reaction, all because you were offered something to take into you that you felt 'no thank you' about.

I once saw the Dalai Lama explain it when a lady was saying ...but what about when someone offends you, or maligns you, a..or..or...or.. (insert your favourite 'triggers')

What he said was just because someone wants to 'give' you something, doesn't mean you have to take it, or take it into you, can merely say no thank you and let it go right by if it has left their hands. If it hasn't left their hands and you say 'no thank you' then who is left holding it? Not you, you said no thank you, and did not take it into you.

That is the great gift of understanding what it is that 'anger' natural arising intuition of something that you do not want to take into you, is telling you.

The funny thing is we... I should say WE choose that which to take into us and power rage, revenge, victim-hood and offence. And then of course, because we are CEO of our own minds, we blame someone, or some thing else.

So can you 'tune into consciousness'? Absolutely.
Tune into love.
My most favourite sharing about love, comes from yet another wise master, Don Miguel Ruiz. He said once, ... Love, is the equilibrium of gratitude and generosity.

The perfect blending of those most precious expressions of itself.

So, fear will distort anger, love embraces it with gratitude and generosity, because by pointing out that which you do not want, it helps you understand what you do want, who you really are, so then the 'no thank you' is also in the energy of gratitude and generosity, while you let whatever was offered pass by without holding onto it and taking it into your self.

The nuances of how consciousness, or ego, behave, becomes evident.
For that then you need to thoroughly understand honesty, with self and other - it's not necessarily telling another 'your truth', for the best quote on honesty, I fall to Neale Donald Walsch's quote - Honesty, is the highest form of love.
Honesty then is that which is expressed in gratitude and generosity, for self and other.

So your 'no thank you' might admit a discomfort, without making enemy, obstacle or means to an end of a person, situation, or thing.

Whether we employ love, or employ fear, they feed themselves. One cannot 'tune into' consciousness from fear.

One has to raise their vibration in love - gratitude and generosity, and say their no thank yous with a genuine compassion and grace.
Our rights start deep within our humanity; they end where another's begin~~ SmileyJen

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