i landed in a psychiatric ward

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Re: i landed in a psychiatric ward

Post by Pako Chubi » Mon Apr 01, 2013 9:50 am

Mamaseeker wrote:Hi kev42,
You are definitely not alone. Well, just yesterday I heard a lady talk about her awakening experience and it sounded so much like yours. I believe every individual's awakening experience is unique. That's what I was told at this 'Oneness University' awakening blessing that i went to yesterday. At the Oneness University, they believe everyone in the world will be awakened by 2035. They say its like a virus that is spreading. People who have been there vouch by their experiences, and all of it is spontaneous awakenings. They say that the date for everyone's awakening is already set before they enter this planet and an individual anywhere in the world can have this spontaneous awakening, and may not even realize that it was the experience of awakening that they went through.
Now, I'm very skeptical of such things. I truly don't believe it's possible to induce awakening in people. Yes, it can happen spontaneously but I don't believe that it's an infectious phenomenon like the Oneness University claims it to be. You can connect with the people there if you are interested though.

Buddhists have always believed that awakening is inevitable. Everyone is "going to be" a Buddha, it's just a matter of time. It may take 1000 lifes, but does it matter? Time doesn't matter, and it's inevitable, how could it not be? Reality is inevitable, the now is inevitable. You are without doubt a Buddha. You are enlightened, as it can happen in any time, it can be spontanous (wich mean without concrete causes) or it can also be caused by the conditions and experiences of your life. But it can be any time, in fact, it can be only at the very one time: NOW.

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