Here you may share how the words Eckhart Tolle have affected your life.
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Post by tenderboy » Fri Jan 18, 2013 1:34 am

Through writing this post and reading it afterwards I had a little awakening, which was disidentification with the speaker in the head.

It was the thought "There are no thoughts". Which is of course true because every thought that could ever have happened, has happened in the past. The whole universe as we believe that it exists has only happened in the past. But in the present moment there is no universe, no world, no earth, no humanity, no ME, no emotion or thought. As I have realized this I have seen that thought is a perpeetuum mobile. Every thought is like a magnet for 100 new thoughts. It is like self hypnosis and humans are in it for thousand of years :D

And then I remembered how Eckhart said: "The present moment is all there ever IS." How can we realize this? Only through seeing that EVERYTHING is past already. Only NOTHING is in the present moment. Things and Objects can't be in the Now. Therefore Forgiveness really means to realize that the past is past and not still now. only thought tells you this but it is not true :D That is I believe what happens is who I am, this is the identification, the illusion, which makes you emotional or mad and unfulfilled.

IF I can realize that there is no past anymore, then it means also that everything of what I thought to be is already not there anymore. Then who am I now? All that I believe to be - this body and all thoughts and emotions and all those stories are ultimately past. Even that I am seeing this having written this is past. Who has written it? Was it me? It's conciousness speaking - not something in time. But who am I without time? Nothing is without time, this is why Lao Tse talked about Yin and Yang. The Black Side is Space which is Emptiness or the Formless or Conciousness and the White Side is Form which is a play of light and materia that reflects it.

So I was searching enlightenment for 6 years since I got dramatically psychologically ill when I was 14 and then there came the point where I didn't want to search anymore, after hearing sentences like "give up the search" or "you are enlightened already" or "there is absolutely nothing you can do" or "I don't exist" and all of these things and first I was just believing one thing after another trying to make it into experience. And then finally I thought: "There must be a possibility of ending the search. They never have talked about searching because that IS the problem, I only didn't realize. So what I really need to do is stop searching enlightenment, because that is the state of humanity: everyone knows that something was there sometimes in the past and now they seem to have lost it so they search it." And then I have realized that there is no future even to come that could fulfill me. That's all part of thinking. Unfortunately this is all just the same formulations like Eckhart's though I tried to find my own ones :D

However, normally I would believe in all of these thoughts: "you are not enlightened yet", "something is still missing", "you need to practice or learn more", "you are thinking too much", "there are too much emotions", "look at that problems" and so on. That'S all hypnotisizing noise, just like a broken tv channel :D It's all a fake identity. THERE ARE NO THOUGHTS (anymore)

I ever believed I would have to do something to achieve enlightenment but in fact we all are enlightened already. And then I have realized that it is really so unbelievably simple to wake up from the stream. Haha :D Such a big problem everyone has to solve, we have to practice for 40 years or the whole life and we are still not going to get it :D

Everything is thought. Nothing is without thought.
So where's the magic that can reveal the truth?

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