This is a MUST for everyone i think

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This is a MUST for everyone i think

Postby Nick23 » Tue Jan 22, 2013 4:02 pm

Hello. I wrote my personal experience of awakening spontaneously . My english is bad so i ll try to explain it. I had an awakening experience lasted 5 days then the 5th day i had a " challenge " as eckhart tolle calls it and my old habitual mind patterns came back then my mind took me over and i was depressed. SO for all the next days i said to my self " i lost it i lost it i got to get it back there " " i got to use inner body and watch my thoughts omg i ll never get it back " Thoughts like that. Which made me more depressed cause i WONT get it cause i know that im in my mind again and this is not me who is speaking but my stupid sick mind again. SO i struggled hard to realize whats going on. Today i saw this video I think Administrators must use this video as a sticky Cause its 90% of the information.

the video is this
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Re: This is a MUST for everyone i think

Postby snowheight » Fri Jan 25, 2013 8:33 am

Great video Nick, thanks for posting it.

Listen, on watching the thinker, some watchwords for you:

be gentle
be forgiving
be patient
be humble

do not go to war with your mind.

Watch the frustration at not being able to be present ... just enter into that state of frustration ... let yourself be frustrated. Feel the frustration as deeply as it goes. There's nothing wrong with it.

The important thing is that you've noticed. This noticing won't ever go away for good. You will continue to notice. In fact, at this point, you are stuck with the noticing ... there's no way to go back to a way of being that abandons it. You will continue to notice when you are lost in thought from time-to-time.

Do not try to force the watching all the time for now. Just accept that you are going to slip back into recursive thought, and that this is going to happen quite often.

But every now and then, during the day, you will notice that you are lost in thought. When this happens, be grateful for the noticing, but don't self-recriminate for what is noticed. Your "presence" ... your "being here and now" will "last for as long as it lasts". Do not try to grasp it and cling to it. This is not possible, as in the clinging, in the longing, you destroy what you seek to embrace.

There is one specific exception to this: you can, if you choose to, and if you want to be disciplined about it, practice being here and now. This embodies, as ET says in the video, a sort of paradox, because what you would be doing if you make this choice and exercise this discipline is to practice being what you are never not: here and now.

This link embodies as good a set of advice for such a practice as I've ever encountered.

If you are earnest in this, what you'll find is that eventually the clock time in which you do the noticing overtakes the clock-time of what is noticed -- but drop any expectation of this. There is no goal. There is a little machine at play here, call it mind, call it ego or the "false self" or "little-me" or whatever .... that is what looks forward to thinking less.
Stop talking. Hear every sound as background. Look straight ahead and focus. Take one deep breath. This is you. This is Now.
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Re: This is a MUST for everyone i think

Postby Nick23 » Fri Jan 25, 2013 7:19 pm

thanks you so much my friend appreciate it. Really helpful
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