Finally I think I am getting there!!

Here you may share how the words Eckhart Tolle have affected your life.
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Finally I think I am getting there!!

Post by liv2hak » Wed Mar 13, 2013 11:50 am

I started reading the Power of Now in 2009.I always found the book fascinating.I used to enjoy Eckhart's youtube videos during that time.But never could experience the state of "now",the absolute present.I am 31 years old now.While growing up I was consistently unhappy for no reason at all.I had very little tolerance of any kind.(I don't mean racial tolerance here).I mean if a situation were to go even slightly unexpected I would get uneasy and fidgety.I also used to compare myself with other people constantly.But my life situation was never that fact it was actually quite good compared to most people.Only when I read the Power of Now I realized that I had total lack of space in me.I was like an automatic machine.But from the time I read the PON and started listening to videos I know that mastering the skill would get me out of that rut.I relegiously followed reading the Power of Now and listening to videos.I will feel very calm when reading or listening to videos.But when I went back to my normal life that calmness would disappear.But I persisted doing that consistently.Suddenly in 2010 I got two days of was heavenly compared to my earlier life.I was calm and totally unaffected by what was happening outside.Also I was able to productively contribute to my work.(I work as a software engineer) by the way. After the two days I lost it and my life went back to normal. I tried different ways to get it back but it didn't work.The after a couple of months a thought occoured to me.

"I have a tendecny to react to thoughts occouring to me."

That realization did have a small impact on my life.I could occassionally see that there are some tendencies which were reacting to thoughts.But the improvement was minimal.Again I kept reading Power of Now,Stillness Speaks,A New Earth almost on a daily basis.My iphone would mostly contain new eckhart tolle videos from youtube at that time.I was kind of desparate.At that time I kept looking for the "Now"
but I suppose the momentum of my pain body was so high that I couldn't feel it.I was sure that I was missing the NOW.I couldn't feel the liveliness at all.The I heard Eckhart suggesting conscious breathing excersises.I decided to do that regularly.i.e for a while I did it every 20-30 mins.I also slowed down my life and began focusing my attention on the things that I was doing at the moment.I also started spending a lot of time in nature.Finally I have reached a point were I can feel the aliveness at this moment and I can feel the consciousness within myself.Even today I keep doing breath awareness and reading Eckhart's tecahings and listening to his videos.I am greatfully indebted to this man who came into my life.Otherwise I can't imagine the hell that I would have to go through.i just wanted to share my story and in case there are some people who are struggling to get it,suggest them to do conscious breathing and also hear about others experiences.

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Re: Finally I think I am getting there!!

Post by Webwanderer » Wed Mar 13, 2013 2:05 pm

Thanks for sharing your account. I whole heartedly agree with your breathing recommendation. I find it consistently helpful. Interestingly, 'spirit is the Latin word for breath - thus inspire, inspiration, and expire have deeper meaning.


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