Keep going, do not be discouraged :-)

Here you may share how the words Eckhart Tolle have affected your life.
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Keep going, do not be discouraged :-)

Post by honeybee88 » Wed Mar 27, 2013 10:42 pm


I would just like to say that over the past couple of days, I have really started to become conscious of the fact that I am now truly aware of the negative thoughts I am having and can easily differentiate between my false self and my True Self. I am conscious of being conscious.

I am now really getting into the habit of detaching my True Self from the thought. I observe the thought, accept that I am having that particular thought (whether its negative or positive thoughts) and then let the thought go. Or if I am not able to let them go straight away (because lets face it the ego can have a tremendously tough power and pull over you) I can at least step outside the thought and know that it is not me and instead just watch and observe the thought until it subsides.

Its great because i have been on the spiritual path of detaching myself from my thoughts for a long time now and it is only really now that I am able to observe my thoughts from the position of the true still Consciousness that I am.

My point of posting this is to encourage people who may be struggling with the process of detaching from your thoughts, or people that maybe only seem to have glimpses here and there. Know that it does in fact take time and effort to get to a place where you can completely detach from the ego.

So do not feel discouraged if you find it hard or it doesn't happen straight away. Keep going with it, even if it takes a year or two to fully detach from your false self.


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Re: Keep going, do not be discouraged :-)

Post by Taylor-C » Thu Mar 28, 2013 9:31 am

Thank you Honeybee!

It really is amazing when all of a sudden it clicks! Several times I've just started laughing at how ridiculous old thought patterns seemed so real :)


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