Spiritual enlightenment - Experience

Here you may share how the words Eckhart Tolle have affected your life.
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Spiritual enlightenment - Experience

Post by gospo1 » Sat Aug 10, 2013 1:18 am

Hello Everyone!

I'd like to share my feelings i experience since i've changed. I Dont even know how to call it. Did any of you have similiar reactions?

My first video i've seen was Jim Carrey talk about his enligthenment and Eckhart. My first fougth was - That is amazing! idea of being possesed by mind! - i was really shocked that i didnt realised i am a mind prisoner.

After that i've discovered Eckharts talks and retreats on YT. I was watching it everyday, and always before sleep. Dont know why but i was purely sure and had no concernes from his first word. This was something was inside me but was invisible so could'nt get it on my own. Until it happen i was aitheist and i was really comfy with it, i was always intrested in philosophy etc but spirituality/esoteric was something strange.I was always very calm, wasnt affraid of death at all. I read Satanic Bible often as i found it very mind changing lecture but never ever was in spiritual techings at all.

after about 2 months i have bought Power Of Now. Books is fantastic but what funny after watching his on YT the book was something i knew. I knew everything! It was amazing feeling. I've had no questions at all. I did accept all i read and watch. I was still the same person but more calm, relaxed, balanced. Most of my thoughts was involved in conciousness, but wasnt really there yet.

After 3 monts since ive watch Echart for the first time really amazing thing happen. I was driving my van after day of work, ive had very intense thoughts-(?)inner thoughts?- in my mind -"Who are you" " youre not your mind" "Live is beatiful itself" - Ive arrived my place, when i step out of my van iv touched the ground for the very first time in my life. All colours and sounds was more colorful and juicy, all objects was sharp and alive, all leafs was alive. The people ive seen on my street was just another beings. There was no separate stories, everything was connected and i was there. I was standing there and just watching and crying, ive spend few minutes just looking. I've decide to face my girlfriend, on that day i've seen her for the first time again, truly. My room and all plants, objects was alive as i was. My gf was really scared but i remember i did say to her " Im fine please give me time. I stood gazing at my beatiful Bexhill On Sea from my window. Kind of very intense conciusenss i was for 3 days, with brakes, most intense was daytime always. It does happen about 2-3 weeks ago.

After that my life of form have changed. Now i know we are really formless and shapeless, we are the everything always. We are the source. We Are! That is all i feel since. We are, and that is enough to be newborn everyday. Even now, when i understand who we are i still can say my life of form have changed a lot. I used to watch porn a lot, drinking alko, weeding madly etc i Was always in future when dealing with everyday tasks. Now i really cant watch porn, its not i think its bad but simply dont want to. Same with alco and weed, i do only if i feel like but its really rarely now, cant even dring so much coffee. I used to drink red bull and eat fast food often - now - none of those - i just cant! Coke - iam sick straight away if think about it. I feel very young, i looks younger and i am not tired. I was always moaning person, always tired. Now since my Ego is gone i am just present - i feel tired sometimes but its only phisical matter.

I feel deep love to everyone, that is the love wich is equal with life. Life is love, source is love. Live is immortal and is not where we think it is. Life is going throught your body but is not the body. Body is the form of life and neverending love.

Does anyone have similiar experience? What you do? Did youy change a lot. Do you believe that source will lead you and point you your path? this is what i am.

do apologise, it might be pain to read this as english is not my original language.



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Re: Spiritual enlightenment - Experience

Post by smiileyjen101 » Sat Aug 10, 2013 2:38 am

Welcome and thank you for sharing your experience gospo1

I like that you remembered that you already knew everything :D

and could see the world in all its beauty.

hugs back :D
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Re: Spiritual enlightenment - Experience

Post by RCharles » Sat Aug 10, 2013 6:27 am

Wonderful, Tomek! Wonderful! Yes, many of us here have had this experience. Enjoy! Don't worry if it changes with time. Just enjoy whatever is!

Oh, and yes about the love. My experience is that the universe IS love, powered by love, filled with love in every atom. I imagine that is what you are seeing. :D

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Re: Spiritual enlightenment - Experience

Post by kev42 » Sat Oct 12, 2013 3:55 pm

I shared many of the same experiences you did.its been over a year & a half now.I saw everything as if it were for the first time.vivid colors,everything bathed in light that seemed to come from within it.I would just stare at a everything in amazement & wonder.I would just hold a leaf in my hand & marvel at its perfection.

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