follow up to "I landed in a pschiatric ward"

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follow up to "I landed in a pschiatric ward"

Postby kev42 » Sat Oct 12, 2013 5:01 pm

Wow!where do i even begin?I spent over a year searching for answers.I read everything i could get my hands on about religion,spirituality,atheism,philosophy, you name it,i looked into it.where did it get me?absolutely nowhere!So,I went back to where it started before eckharts "the power of now"book found me.I said again to "god"," I surrender.every thing i think i am,all of beliefs,everything i think i know,my life,my fears,my soul,everything"And...I let go.this time all the way.I didnt cling to anything.I thought i had let go before, but i looked & i was still holding on with 1 hand.This time i truly let go & fell into the abyss,fully trusting.
There are no words.anything i say would only mislead & form further beliefs leading further away from the truth.
I realized i was a rain drop! but that wasnt it.we were all rain drops!...but that wasnt it.we are all raindrops that come from the same cloud & i saw the cloud!...but that wasnt it.I see it!I see it!...the ocean!we are all raindrops from the same ocean!!!now i have it!........wait! no....I am the one who sees the ocean,the rain,the clouds....I.....I am..................
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