The true nature of joy

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The true nature of joy

Post by sardinelover » Thu Apr 17, 2014 4:17 pm

Hi all. I've had the pleasure of experiencing joy whilst fully present, and got to observe it consciously and intimately. I have seen a few threads where people had asked why they weren't feeling any joy. They had thought that they knew what it was, but they really didn't. And that is why I would like to share my own observations and insights with you all about this thing called joy.

Firstly, joy is not of this world. It comes from the unmanifested, and is expressed through us. We are the portal from the unmanifested to the world of form.

Secondly, joy does not depend on any object, event or situation. Nothing in this world can give rise to joy, unlike happiness, which requires a "good" event or situation to happen first.

Thirdly, joy is a feeling, not an emotion. No thought is required for joy to manifest, unlike an emotion, which is preceded by a thought.

Fourthly, joy does not linger, it is very brief. It arises from the unmanifested, expresses in us, and quickly disappears within about 6-10 seconds. That's right, seconds. It is just a flash in the pan.

Fithly, joy is spontaneous, random and unpredictable. You may experience it once a week, once a month, once a year, or not at all. The last time I experienced joy(and my observations are based on this particular event) was some two or three weeks ago. I don't know what triggers it to arise from the unmanifested. Maybe presence? Read point below.

Lastly, I have only ever consciously experienced joy in a state of presence. Initially I had thought that presence is required for it to arise within the unmanifested, but now I am no longer certain. It may arise even if a person is deeply unconscious, although in such a state, the joy would be overwhelmed by the person's suffering. And because they were unconscious and joy happens so quickly, it is unlikely that they even felt it at all, or recognised it for what it was. I don't know.

The next time I experience joy again, I will observe it and refine these points if something is different.
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Re: The true nature of joy

Post by Webwanderer » Thu Apr 17, 2014 11:27 pm

This may be your perception of the nature of joy, but there are certainly others. I sense that even your perception of joy will evolve and grow as you focus your attention on it and explore it further. Happy explorations.


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Re: The true nature of joy

Post by viking55803 » Wed May 14, 2014 4:28 am

Words cannot convey joy and I think you are correct that it arises out of presence as a feeling and seemingly spontaneously: you can't make yourself feel joy, which might prove that it is not a creation of thought.

I have a different view of emotion, however, since emotion can and does precede thought and vice versa, but emotion arises in a very deep part of the central nervous system that operates perfectly well in unconsciousness. To me emotions arise in a part of the brain that evolved before thought and the proof is that animals, especially mammals, have emotions. The problem is that even if there is not a hungry tiger in your room at the moment, your thoughts can make your emotions react as if there were.

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