Kundalini Rollercoaster Ride

Here you may share how the words Eckhart Tolle have affected your life.
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Re: Kundalini Rollercoaster Ride

Post by EnterZenFromThere » Sun Sep 14, 2014 7:05 pm

Hello Indifferent,
Indifferent wrote:Has anyone been through this and is still living life with all the responsibilities we all have? Is it possible with this increased awareness of everything to still focus on "what has to be done" in this society?
Yes!!! I've been through this and I have been learning to regain the harmonious balance of Human Life. It's like a rocket - this awakening thing - the rollercoaster of Life!

I began to awaken last year and have been through some intense times - some difficult times - but also, wonderful, amazing, beautiful times! I am pleased to say that the further I go, the less are there difficult times, and the more there are easy, beautiful times.

To be specific, I had 2 months off work because I had was so dizzy I couldn't make it out of the house. I passed out at work and they were very concerned. After many investigations the doctors said I might have glandular fever and recommended I rest. I felt good in myself, full of joy, but unable to function at all. I couldn't even get out of the house for food shopping and had to rely on others for basic things. During this time I patiently (and sometimes not so patiently!) felt into the experience I was having. Explored it without judgement. I came to learn I was releasing much of the negative fear energy that had tied itself in knots throughout my subtle energy bodies. Over time, it released and I felt better. I returned to work, but still got dizziness every now and then. Then I met an energy healer. Someone who fits my own criteria for being fully awakened. A beautiful and amazing woman who feels energy in a very direct and expansive way. She did a healing with me for an hour. I felt large energy shifts, like my body was shifting in many different directions, waves of cold energy moving through me, many visions etc. After this I felt fantastic! I think the dizziness was the releasing of negativity around social anxieties which have been very limiting in my life. I went to a party after my healing and was curious to see how I would react now when put into intense social situations. To my amazement, instead of dizziness, I experienced a flowing pressure in my legs and a wonderfully intense feeling of connectedness to the earth. It was (and continues to be) clear that I can't be dizzy or pass out with such a grounding. It's really amazing what an effect this has had on my life.

So I'd recommend possibly looking for a good healer if you need some grounding. Washing a lot more than usual I have found very helpful. The negative energy leaving builds up a lot of dirt on my skin which I need to clean off. I found a lavender shower oil (well actually it kind of found me, haha!, it fell out of my mum's cupboard when I went to see her recently :P) which is great for it. It gets rid of some of the head aches I get from the negativity too. Drinking A LOT of water is a must for me. I drink huge amounts every day and feel terrible if I don't. I'm not sure exactly how much - I'd say just keep drinking water until your body tells you to stop. It is excellent for helping to purge the negativity. Maybe the best thing. Being around nature has also helped me a lot. Ask the trees to balance you and cleanse you and they will. They are in service too. And are only too happy to help! Before my grounding I was particularly dizzy one day and reached out to the trees and asked them to help me they said "feel into our roots, feel the grounding of our roots, you are forever welcome in our roots" - they are so beautiful, I am so grateful to them.

Regarding your general feeling of not caring about anything, I have felt this briefly. When I followed my interpretation of the advice of people here and in other places, I felt a pressure to perceive Presence as a separate entity and be as that. To feel into the Presence as a cold and detached place. A place of non-caring that passively views existence. Ugh! What a horrible place! What a cold and heartless place! Is this what people mean by the Witness? I don't know. I don't listen to those people any more - with all their dogma! Their rules! Their limitations! I choose to feel the Present as the all inclusive, all pervasive essence that both contains and is All - inclusive of every feeling, thought and sense - not matter how small and individual or large and cosmic. In this way, my very own way, I experience and perceive - I Am Experience. I Am Perception. The Joy of That! The Joy of Knowing I Am!

It seems to me, that you feel disheartened because you are experiencing lack. You are experiencing a lack of balance. You are experiencing a lack of humanness! The body, mind, soul must harmonise for the Joy to Explode forth! I feel that when many begin to awaken they (me included) leap into various aspects of this trinity and go deep into it at the neglect of the others. Some say, "have no thoughts!" and they wonder why they feel no joy! Some say, "I am nothing" and they wonder why they feel no joy! Some say "I am only this separate Presence, this essence, I am not human, I have no human wants and desires" and they wonder why they feel no joy! To be the human with the body to act, the mind to imagine, the soul to spaciously ease - that harmony is a joy!

If I were you, I would be gentle with yourself. Ease into your new experience. You are evolving. You have leaped into the unknown and that is a great and wonderful thing! But be gentle, and guide yourself back to your humanness, while bringing with you your new experience of your non-humanness. Bring the Spirit to be the space of ease into your Human activities. You can function as you did. You can function better! You can function better AND more easily! But it takes time. Patience. Cleansing. Gentleness. Follow your Heart and your own Way will reveal itself to You.

Love, Love, Love!!!


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