Leaving the spiritual stuff alone - getting to the root prob

Here you may share how the words Eckhart Tolle have affected your life.
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Leaving the spiritual stuff alone - getting to the root prob

Post by pbale » Fri Mar 11, 2016 11:26 am

I went from being depressed to reading the power of now and feeling lost in the world. I had a moment of realisation and feel I now walk the world half awake, or half sleep, depending on whether you believe in the pessimist/optimist stuff ha... Anyway I think I have reached a point where the books and teaching are no longer helpful, I have started therapy in which it is clear that I am not grounded. It almost feels like I'm in a dream 24/7. I hope others can read this and take the step to talk to someone. This journey can't be done alone. I clearly need to get to the root of why I feel that way I do. Maybe I now have enough space/awareness from the teachings to deal with these emotions and feelings I have always been running away from. I see a lot of spiritual seekers run away from problems, thinking it will all just end and go away. Those emotions and feelings repressed are just awaiting your love and attention but I feel some of us may not even know what's lurking. We could have had trauma since childhood that has been hidden for all these years that we have no idea about. Wish everyone the best on their journey, remember to seek help and to talk with the presence of another is a wonderful part of growth... peace x

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Re: Leaving the spiritual stuff alone - getting to the root

Post by Admiral Akmir » Thu Apr 21, 2016 7:35 am

I spent a long time feeling like I had to "do something". I tried to change, tried to become someone else, found the teachings and tried to apply them, it didn't work. As Adyashanti said; you can't ride on the coattails of a teacher and expect to cruise into enlightenment. Tolle's book is his experience, and I think it should be approached as such. He tries to give advice, but in the end we all have to walk the walk and go down our own path. There simply is no way to achieve enlightenment by piggy backing on another's experience, and I think everyone hits that hard truth at some point.

I've been in this same place before with recovery. I no longer drink excessively like I used to, and I remember back then, feeling lost and powerless. I remember reading about AA and powerlessness, the dry drunk and how we can't go it alone... Felt incredibly defeating to hear that, but it turned out to not be true at all. The teachings are a sign, pointing in a direction, therapy is also a sign pointing in a direction. Sometimes we lose the way and need help being pointed down the right path again, but regardless of how it happens, we're the ones that have to walk the walk.

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