A personal experience

Here you may share how the words Eckhart Tolle have affected your life.
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A personal experience

Post by SandyJoy » Thu Jul 28, 2016 6:20 pm

This mystical, magical book I wrote "Barefoot at Heart" (available on Amazon) tells of my personal experience with Life and Love and the return to my True Love, my Self, the unbound Heart of Being, the Child.

I hope it also points the way for the reader, back to their own limitless beauty, their own connection to this ever flowing source of living mind and unbound knowing.

It's a bit of an unusual book in that I write in a way that will shine a direct light on the wonder and truth of your own Identity, your own heart and soul. I was guided by Lights beyond time, to do it this way.

I wanted no dogma, no gimmicks, no doctrines, no rules, no instructions, no teaching in these pages. I wanted to express the feeling of this unbound joy and inherent wisdom of living straight from the core of the inventive, creative, unbound spirit, the heart, moving with this ever-ongoing flow of Life.

Through this portal, this open heart of mine, like an artist, I paint, with words, sweet glimpses of the Child you are. Possibly, if you are willing, it will remind you, allow you to remember your own unbound, tender, strong, eternal soul.

Memories are important. Recall something that made you happy as a child. Search your heart. Even if you had a difficult childhood, you can find a tender, sweet, memory. A soft moment, a skipping joy, the child's wonder, a giggle, a sweet feeling of that little boy's laughter, that little girls delight. Let the feeling touch you. Let yourself smile.

In some ancient story it says it would do us well to find "the cornerstone that the builders rejected." I think the Child is that cornerstone. The Child is the rejected, snubbed, cast aside, spurned, holy spirit of our self. This Child is the real Messiah. But, it's too simple for the 'old man' to acknowledge. It is rejected by the pharisee most likely because it is too close, too real and much too powerful

The second coming of Christ will not happen as a man called Jesus returning to save us. No, the savior is within us. This eternal soul of our self does return, if we let it. The pristine light comes back for a second time. We are saved. It is the Child within us. It is here as us. To paraphrase - Let that mind of eternal light be the mind of you.

This Child in you is the true and living son of God, this is the one the builders rejected, dismissed, forsake. And, glory be, it is still here, right here, right now, awaiting your recognition of Its pristine beauty and immutable living authority.

Resurrected, born again. we awaken to the dawn of a new day. In this living light, the Child has no fear of death because this sweet joy of our self has no fear of Life. This strong and tender savior takes our hand and shows us how to ride the boundless current of endless Love, the holy River of Life.

Oh yes, it’s true, the Child has a special way of being in world. The Child has no need for study, no need to appear erudite or learned. This Child is simple. It is our very own teacher, our very own inner authority, our powerful, unconditioned, intelligent, self reliant soul. It is tender, open, alive, simple, here, in our own heart. It is personal, available, honest, steady, true and real. And it never leaves or forsakes us.

I am not a theologian, but I take it upon myself to say, I do believe the entire ministry of Jesus was about the Child -- the need to acknowledge the Child, the need to return to the Child, the need to allow the Child to be up and out again in the affairs of the individual. The Child is wise as a serpent and innocent as a dove.

All I know is what I have found for myself; the unbridled joy of life that shows me all I need to know, when I need to know it -- and laughs, dancing to the songs of unseen angels. Here, as the Child, the world comes alive again. It is easy to love and easy to laugh. Life is embraced.

And among the ongoing marvels is that this holy spirit, living brilliance, eliminates the need for churches, for spiritual instructors, just as the old prophets said it would. Oh my, my. My sweet joy, yes, we find our own.

Always you, beautiful you - http://www.woodsongjournals.com
You are not finished, until you play in that meadow and live there. You can, you know. But only you can take yourself there.

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